UNICEF France Now Accepts 9 Cryptocurrencies for Donation

As the world of cryptocurrency reaches new heights, we see innovations and initiative plans stirring up almost every passing day. The use and implementation of services provided by cryptocurrency and blockchain are making remarkable progress in the economic, social and cultural industries. Cryptocurrency is now a viable choice of digital currency that helps to make transactions on a global platform but varies according to the laws of each country.

However, even the UNICEF France has found its way in involving cryptocurrency in exchange for its services for its humanitarian activities. So, if you are worried about the needy children from around the world that UNICEF helps, all you need to do is make a donation which now accepts cryptocurrency along with fiat currencies. Below is a translated tweet from @UNICEF_france.

UNICEF France Now Accepts 9 Cryptocurrencies for Donation

It was discovered from the latest statement released by UNICEF France and officially stated that they will now be accepting donations in cryptocurrency. The world is moving in retrospect with cryptocurrencies dominating on a global spectrum and involving more investors and customers to take the gains from it. As a result, the humanitarian sector decided to garner more donors and widen their horizons of receiving donations even from the ever-evolving sector of cryptocurrency, in addition to the ones giving out fiat currencies.

The UNICEF France will now be accepting nine cryptocurrencies via its official website. These are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, EOS, Monero, and Dash. Except for Ripple, EOS, and Stellar, the non-mineable cryptocurrency, the donors can directly donate the computer power through mining six other cryptocurrencies straight to the wallet of UNICEF France.

Sebastian Lyon, the executive director of UNICEF France, stated that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology offers humanitarian sector with an opportunity which should not miss as it provides an innovation that promises fundraising and solidarity. This decision of introducing cryptocurrency donations was after the success of a previous cryptocurrency-backed project which UNICEF launched to help the children suffering from the war in Syria. It allowed gamers to install Claymore software intended for mining, and they could contribute computing resources for cryptocurrency mining, and it arranged for substantial donations as a result.

UNICEF France Now Accepts 9 Cryptocurrencies for Donation

According to the CCN reports, the initiative of mining cryptocurrencies through computing resources was first implemented by UNICEF Australia back in April. But this mining was different than the gamer initiative or the France initiate. Australia allowed mining by visiting a website called HopePage that was purposely created to become a platform for mining Monero. The representative of UNICEF Australia said that the website allows Australia to provide hope and help for the children in need, simply by visiting the page when they are online.

If you are mistaking this case of cryptocurrency donation as same as cryptojacking, UNICEF ensures that it isn’t the case as they first take explicit permissions from the visitors and guarantee their awareness of the mining. Cryptojacking, however, creates a malware infest in your computing resources which tracks the mining and exploits it from an unknowing customer. But the UNICEF will allow the website visitors to determine the amount of processing power allotted exclusively for mining, along with the time they spend on the website online, will conclude their price of donations from crypto mining.

Cryptocurrency mining comes with an inherent risk of cryptojacking, and other frauds escalated through malware infestation in the users’ resources. But UNICEF has assured their willing donors that their devices will suffer no consequence if they decide to donate their computing power for cryptocurrency mining.

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