UniFi partners with Mercury (CoinTrade) as one of their significant milestones of 2023

As recently announced, we have partnered with Mercury (CoinTrade), a company that provides app-based trading platforms, exchanges, and forex staking services. A summary of 2022 was announced by UnUniFi after a brief holiday break. The Seed Raise funding round was one of the significant milestones. Our development progress will continue in 2023, with UnUniFi looking forward to it. We are excited to have partners like Mercury join us as validators and node operators as our ecosystem continues to grow.

Through its internal NFT marketplace and auto-DeFi yield management, UnUniFi provides efficient NFT lending services. A proprietary NFT valuation algorithm will be developed by UniFi through an interchain yield aggregator.

Among the investors in Mercury’s seed round were Multicoin Capital, North Island Ventures, Brevan Howard Digital, and many others. Mercury will use the funding to expand its leadership team to support more athletic programs reimagining fan experiences. There is an extensive NFT-based fan community with awesome experiences, including access to player and coach interviews and a marketplace of the community.

Mercury builds customized community platforms for student-athletes and universities based on the fan base and collegiate traditions of those institutions. Mercury’s platform gives fans front-row access to athlete conversations, team content, and other digital collectibles. Bringing fans quite closer to their favorite athletes and institutions, Mercury is accelerating NFT adoption among college students.

In addition to providing price information to external platforms and integration with Cosmos IBC, UniFi aims to be a DApps platform with NFT price information at its core.

Trevor Holman

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