Uniglo (GLO), Cronos (CRO), and Stellar (XLM) Bullish Uptrend This October Detected

October has historically marked an excellent month for reversals. With the macro bottom rapidly approaching, could the run-up to the US midterm elections be an incredible month? Technical analysis indicates this will be the case, with Bitcoin consolidating in an extremely tight range and the DXY (US Dollar Currency Index) forming a double top after failing to form a new ATH (All-Time High) twice. 

With the negative correlation between these assets, as the dollar weakens, Bitcoin will strengthen. This positive price action will flow into the altcoins, and Uniglo (GLO), Cronos (CRO), and Stellar (XLM) are expected to see fantastic gains throughout October.  

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a social currency coming to the Ethereum network. In an age of rampant inflation, Uniglo returns to the fundamental economic principles of value backing and scarcity. The protocol employs a revolutionary Ultra Burn mechanic, burning 2% of every transaction, making GLO hyper-deflationary. This is made possible via buy and sell taxes, with the rest of the tax going to asset acquisition. The Uniglo Vault houses a broad range of digital and physical assets, and these give GLO an intrinsic floor price.

GLO has been structured to preserve wealth while engaging in growth speculation, offering investors a store of value that maintains the actual purchasing power of their wealth. Asset ownership has a long track record of being the best way to preserve wealth, and GLO represents a diversified portfolio in a single token.Uniglo (GLO)

Cronos (CRO)

CRO is a sleeping giant of the crypto ecosystem, retracing more than 85% since its ATH, and its current price represents a fantastic entry point. Many analysts compare CRO to BNB, and the similarities are pronounced: both are utility tokens of large centralized exchanges and native tokens of sovereign blockchains.

As Crypto.com continues to attract a growing user base, CRO will appreciate it, as owning the token gives investors access to a multitude of perks offered by the exchange. It is a great entry point to the crypto ecosystem and has done marvelous work driving forward blockchain adoption. 

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar creates financial access for everyone. Cross-border payments were valued at $156 trillion in 2022 but sending value internationally remains a slow, expensive, and cumbersome process. The Stellar Network launched in 2014 and allowed capital to be moved anywhere in the globe within minutes with nominal cost.

Stellar is a decentralized network built to complement TradFi instead of challenging it. With rumors of XLM being accepted under the new ISO 20022 international standard for exchanges between institutions, XLM could go on a huge run this October. 

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