UniLend Finance & Mobius Finance Collaborate to Disrupt Money Markets in DeFi

The collaboration of UniLend Finance with Mobius Finance will help the UFT token holders to mint moUSD by using UFT as the collateral. This collaboration will help both parties. Following are its benefits:

  • Once it gets integrated with Mobius Finance, the systems will enable the traders to trade various assets such as ETFs, stocks, and Forex Markets with zero slippage. 
  • UniLend Finance Omnis system will be comprising moUSD after its launch, which allows lending and borrowing of the stablecoin.
  • No fees will be charged by the system for burning and minting (paying and borrowing the debt).


The moUSD token is a stablecoin issued through mobius Finance. Not only this but also all the moUSD which are in circulation are minted against the collateral for maintaining its 1-1 dollar peg.


UniLend Finance’s second version, called OMNIS, is more than the incremental update. UniLend has reached a critical evolutionary milestone. It further helps users list a token on the protocol and straightway access the DeFi services without barriers.

UniLend V1 was a one-of-a-kind solution that made low-cost Flash Loans a reality while also introducing lenders to the notion of Automated Rewards Distribution. As a consequence, they’ve developed over 50 collaborations and seen amazing growth in the use of Unilend V1, with 25+ asset lending pools and $10 million in Flash Loans spanning Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

About UniLend Finance

UniLend is constructing a permissionless system! Lending, Borrowing, Flash Loans, and Tokenization of Money Market Positions are all supported by the DeFi Base Layer.

About Mobius Finance


Mobius Finance is the first multi-collateral synthetic platform on Polygon that can generate and trade any asset, including off-chain stocks, ETFs, and commodities. Users may trade any asset with 0% slippage and cheap costs with the help of their risk control algorithm.

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