Unilend Protocol Is Going Permissionless July 6 Onwards

The brain behind UniLend had a vision of unveiling the potential behind decentralized finance before starting the company. Until now, UniLend has launched flash and lending loans products on Polygon Chain and Ethereum. They have been living here for three months and have not experienced any security threats. With almost seventeen listed tokens that have millions of worth is all set to be permissionless.

In the last couple of months, UniLend has partnered with over 35 companies and has various feature implementations to their products. All this is indicating that they are all set for the leap of decentralization. In March, they launched their product on Ethereum, and within a week, they were on Polygon, the most vastly adopted L2 solution. Presently, UniLend is the most economical Flash loan provider for WMATIC tokens with over 1 million USD worth. Furthermore, the products of UniLend are certified by Certik. Also, with the feedback, they have smoothened the process and made them completely secured.

Changing the Ecosystem

By going permissionless, UniLend will become the first platform for flash and lending loans of any token. Simultaneously, they will keep supporting the tokens with great utility and community. UniLend will still provide rewards for lending pools to the interested projects willing to expose tokens to their community.

Chandresh, CEO and Founder of UniLend, said they would allow every token to benefit from their permissionless listing. So now, these projects can take part in DeFi from the beginning of their IDO. With their protocol, the platform will become a one-roof destination for borrowing, lending, flash loans, and other DeFi activities.

Their step towards going permissionless is undoubtedly a long-term vision, and they are proud of the community supporting them through the journey. Their community will play an active role in listing tokens and further with the protocol governance.

Roxanne Williams

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