UniPass partners with Ultiverse

UniPass has published an official blog post to announce its strategic collaboration with Ultiverse. The collaboration comes with a mutual objective of onboarding a billion users to the Metaverse, a virtual world that is gaining traction across the globe, especially in terms of gaming.

It has been said in the blog post that the team is excited to be a part of the Ultiverse ecosystem, which has embodied its mission to open the Web3 Metaverse for more users and empower them to own a decentralized identity. The collaboration makes the relationship between two parties of strategic nature.

Both will aim to get more Web2 users to the Ultiverse Metaverse with an option to access the digital space through third-party login options, including, but not limited to, Google and Unreal Engine 5. Another objective of the partnership is to work together for a gasless experience wherein users can pay gas fees in-game tokens to enjoy a better metaverse experience.

Multiverse is working to build a social gaming metaverse to connect Web3 with a virtual world that is fully compatible with virtual reality. It looks to empower players coming from different economic backgrounds and has the aim to create the first-ever MetaFi, a financial service in the Metaverse.

UniPass has a primary objective of providing seedless and gasless experiences to its users by acting as a non-custodial smart contract wallet. UniPass allows its users to have a crypto wallet without having to remember the recovery phrase, which can be done through its email-based recovery solution. The point is to make it easier for users to gain access to their crypto wallet in situations when they lose it or the wallet gets compromised.

UniPass has often been called the entrance to the Metaverse as it works to help decentralized applications onboard Web2 users who look to transition to the Metaverse. Having an email-based recovery solution makes it convenient for Web2 users to enter the Metaverse, thereby lowering at least one barrier that otherwise restricts the entrance to new cyberspace.

Terminus, the virtual metaverse platform for Ultiverse, serves as its central hub, allowing users to interact in real-time. Interactions happen with each other, enabling everyone to explore and learn new things. Terminus was built using BNB Chain and Unreal Engine 5.

The platform offers spaces for homes, decentralized finance, public buildings, galleries for non-fungible tokens, and a variety of social environments, among many other things.

UniPass has previously assisted Ultiverse in launching a campaign to enable users to freely mint non-fungible tokens without worrying about gas. This is done by letting users acquire an NFT through their email ids or Google Login feature.

UniPass and Ultiverse have a lot to offer. The strategic collaboration extends their association for the days to come. Furthermore, more Web2 users get the chance to experience the Ultiverse metaverse universe. 

A billion users are estimated to be on the beneficial side. Allowing users to recover their access via a third-party login feature has turned out to be a game changer, leaving no doubt that the partnership will have a similar result.

Trevor Holman

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