Uniswap has launched NFT Marketplace with $5M airdrop

Uniswap, which in the true sense happens to be an undoubted DeFi giant, has been in the position of successfully launching its very own marketplace in the case scenario of non-fungible tokens. The offering from their side is the commitment to the best-ever prices on NFTs, coupled with heavily decreased gas-related fees. The launch also took place with the accompaniment of an amount of $5 million airdrop for the sake and total benefit of all of the Genie users. From here on, Uniswap’s NFT collector will be actively engaged in the listings related to eight other different marketplaces. This will also replace the NFT collector Genie. This incidentally was taken into possession by Uniswap sometime in the month of June this very year.

According to a tweet put out by the founder of Uniswap, who goes by the name of Hayden Adams, in his opinion, Uniswap happens to be the most favored DEX. However, their aim and intention now is to create the marketplace in terms of all of the attached digital values, which further include tokens and NFTs. In the case scenario of the previous Genie users, who have been patiently waiting in anticipation of the airdrop, which was duly declared by the company following the acquisition, it will now be claimable on the Uniswap website.

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