Uniswap Labs and Across offer a standard for cross-chain intents

Uniswap Labs, the team behind the world’s leading decentralized exchange (DEX), and Across, a blockchain interoperability protocol, have jointly proposed a groundbreaking initiative: establishing a standard for cross-chain intents. This collaborative effort aims to streamline and standardize transferring assets and executing transactions across different blockchain networks, paving the way for seamless interoperability in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

The proposed cross-chain intent standard, CCI (Cross-Chain Intent), outlines a set of protocols and specifications that enable users to express their intent to transfer assets or perform actions from one blockchain to another in a standardized format. By adhering to this standard, developers and users can ensure compatibility and interoperability between disparate blockchain networks, regardless of their underlying technologies or consensus mechanisms.

The CCI standard focuses on simplicity, flexibility, and security. The protocol intends to provide a user-friendly interface for expressing cross-chain intents while also including strong security mechanisms to secure users’ assets and data during the transfer process. Furthermore, the standard is intended to be highly extensible, enabling easy connection with existing blockchain infrastructure and protocols.

Uniswap Labs and Across deploy intent-based technologies to improve DeFi’s efficacy and user experience. Across and Uniswap have established the standard for intents-powered interoperability via Across Bridge and UniswapX, an intents-based solution for merging onchain and off-chain liquidity. This standard provides a common foundation for interoperability among intent-based systems.

The new standard provides cross-chain systems with a standardized specification of cross-chain intents. This indicates that every application that supports intents can direct its users’ requested activities to a shared filler network, hence increasing overall ecosystem efficiency.

Commenting on the initiative, the Uniswap Labs team emphasized the importance of interoperability in advancing the growth and adoption of decentralized finance, stating that as the decentralized finance ecosystem expands, the need for interoperability between different blockchain networks becomes more apparent. By developing a standard for cross-chain intents, the business hopes to lower entry barriers and open up new prospects for innovation and collaboration in the DeFi field.

Similarly, the Across team voiced delight for the CCI standard’s potential impact on the broader blockchain ecosystem, stating that interoperability is the key to realizing blockchain technology’s full potential. The CCI standard enables smooth communication and interaction between diverse blockchain networks, resulting in a more connected and inclusive decentralized environment.

The idea for a cross-chain intent standard has received considerable support from developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and industry players, who see its potential to encourage interoperability and innovation in the DeFi field. As the program gathers traction, Uniswap Labs and Across seek feedback and collaboration from the larger community to help modify and improve the CCI standard.

Finally, the idea for a cross-chain intent standard is an important step toward interoperability and integration in the blockchain ecosystem. By developing common protocols and specifications for expressing cross-chain intents, Uniswap Labs and Across hope to open up new avenues for decentralized finance and hasten the transition to a more integrated and accessible financial system.

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