University of Gibraltar Teams Up with Huobi University to Propel Education and Research in Blockchain

The University of Gibraltar joined hands with Huobi University, one of the leading blockchain education institutes of China, with the aim of exploring education and research initiatives pertaining to blockchain technology. The Memorandum of Understanding that has been agreed upon advocates promotion in education, academic research, development of academic programs, and creation of short courses in areas like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and fintech.

Gibraltar’s Minister for Commerce, Albert Isola MP, formally exchanged the memorandum with Jianing Yu President of Huobi University, in the course of his Beijing trip this week. He said,

We are very excited at the prospect of future collaborations between Huobi University and the University of Gibraltar, particularly as a means of accelerating the establishment of high quality blockchain-focused educational initiatives. Both parties share an ambition to promote high-level academic research around the burgeoning DLT landscape, and I look forward to seeing this vision take shape.

The Gibraltar Government has quite a positive history of working with Huobi University in its pursuit of innovation in the blockchain arena. In November 2018, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC) awarded Huobi with a complete DLT license. The GFSC first introduced the license on January 1st, 2018, demanding companies that store or transmit value belonging to other users using the distributed ledger technology in or from Gibraltar, to be authorized by the GFSC as a DLT Provider. Since then, it has been a sentiment fuelling Gibraltar’s rise to become one of the global blockchain powerhouses. The DLT license acknowledges Huobi as a reliable link between blockchain’s educational offerings and DLT’s mainstream adoption.

As an educational and research institute, The Huobi University has always been focused on newer distributed business models, applications on blockchain technology and this era’s digital finance architectures. Making ways for entrepreneurs, as well as investors, to sustain in the blockchain ecosystem, Huobi University offers courses across China, the US, Japan, and even South Korea. They claim to have trained thousands of blockchain elites in the industry.

Huobi’s strategic partnership with the University of Gibraltar plays an important role in shaping entrepreneurs and investors around the world for the future.


Scott Cook

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