Unizen’s CeFi & DeFi Ecosystems Will Be Supported By Chainlink Price Feeds

Unizen has taken a step further for its users. According to the latest updates, Chainlink Price Feeds have been integrated into the Unizen CeDeFi exchange. This advancement will empower users to make decisions based on tamper-resistant, up-to-date, and accurate price information. The integration with Chainlink Price Feed will start with ETH/USD, which is an important step for Unizen’s ecosystem. Previously, Chainlink Price Feed relied on DeFi, and now it has made a  shift to CeFi for learning the real-time value of the cryptocurrency assets. The trend is presently taking hold in the market. The impending period is likely to rely on the same.  

Chainlink price forecast is reflecting an improvement in the near future. The coin’s price was ragging at the time of writing this article.

Trading exchanges have to analyze a lot of data related to market movements, like cryptocurrency prices, order book liquidity, purchase history, among other important things. Crypto exchanges need to maintain a reliable ETH/USD feed as assets are highly engaged while trading crypto. The proper operation of an exchange is possible only when there is highly reliable information while considering their exchange rate.

The Unizen exchange will have to provide real-time data for both crypto and fiat markets in case a user wants to trade crypto or fiat currency. Chainlink Price Feeds have a unique way of aggregating, collecting, and delivering current real-time price information on numerous assets.


The main reason behind the collaboration between Unizen and Chainlink Price Feed is that it is an entirely decentralized system. The same is supported by DeFi and CeFi. From now on, Unizen will bridge the gap between its interface and that of Chainlink. The traders of ETH/USD prices will be updated according to information provided by Chainlink.

Scott Cook

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