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A Forex hybrid broker titled FXGT.com is governed by the financial regulators of South Africa, Vanuatu, and Seychelles (as well as CySEC – only for institutional traders). A corporation with three licenses can offer services in more than 100 nations. To find out which jurisdictions FXGT.com does not accept, just visit their homepage, and the details are available at the bottom of the page. The broker provides trading on equities, indices, metals, goods, and currency pairs using Contract For (price) Differences (CFDs). 

There are additional available cryptocurrencies, such as DeFi and NFT tokens. One of FXGT.com’s benefits is its quick order execution, excellent quotations, and wide selection of trading assets. Aside from CFDs on stocks, there are more than 50 currency pairings and other cryptocurrencies accessible. Because the broker offers dynamic leverage, you may adjust your risk tolerance in accordance with the state of market conditions and the trading instrument. Demo accounts are also accessible, which is advantageous for those just getting started to trade.

FXGT.com innovations for you

GTi12 Index

The GTi12 Index is an innovative offering in the financial industry, meticulously designed by the broker’s technical experts. This index introduces a groundbreaking approach for traders, enabling them to engage in tracking the cryptocurrency market by utilizing a single CFD (Contract for Difference) instrument. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the GTi12 Index, its features, limitations, and associated risks:

Composition of GTi12 Index:-

The GTi12 Index comprises 12 significant cryptocurrencies carefully selected based on various criteria. These criteria include market capitalization, liquidity, and availability for trading on FXGT.com.

Limitations & Risks:-

Objective Adherence: The GTi12 Index is constructed and calculated strictly with a predefined methodology. 

Market Sensitivity: The cryptocurrency market is highly susceptible to market volatility and liquidity fluctuations. These factors can significantly affect the quality and availability of data used in the Index’s algorithm. As a result, trading any instruments, such as CFDs, can yield unpredictable or unexpected results in certain situations.

Valuation Risks: There are several risks associated with the valuation of the GTi12 Index. These risks include potential trading disruptions, distributed denial of service attacks, hacking incidents, variations in the legal environment across different nations, unstable technological conditions, and the suspension of cryptocurrency market trading. These variables can substantially impact the value of the Index.

Unique Pricing Structure:-

The GTi12 Index employs a distinctive pricing approach. It equally weighs the prices of the 12 currently most popular cryptocurrencies. This weighting is periodically reviewed and adjusted every quarter.


FXGT.com has introduced the GTLot, an exclusive unit designed to assess and benchmark a client’s Live Trading Account’s trading volume, spanning all asset classes. One GTLot equates to 100,000 USD in trading volume, and the calculation method is as follows:-

Volume in GTLots Calculation:-

To calculate the volume in GTLots, you can employ the following formula:

Volume in USD = Lot X Contract Size X Market price (converted to USD)

GTLots = Volume in USD/100,000

Example 1 – BTCUSD:

Consider a scenario where you are trading BTCUSD with 1 standard lot, where the contract size is 1, and the market price is quoted at 40,000 USD.

Volume in USD = Lot * Contract size * Market price (converted to USD)

Volume in USD = 1 * 1 * 40,000 = 40,000

Consequently, GTLot = Volume in USD/100,000

GTLot = 40,000/100,000 = 0.4 GTLots.

It’s important to note that GTLots are primarily employed by FXGT.com for benchmarking, promotional, and marketing purposes. These units serve as a valuable trading performance indicator on the Dashboard, offering traders a quick and straightforward means to gauge their overall trading volume within their account.

Additionally, GTLots can be utilized as targets or performance metrics in various promotions, campaigns, and competitions. For instance, in a trading promotion, participants might be required to achieve a specific number of GTLots to qualify for participation or to stand a chance to win prizes.

Similarly, GTLots can serve as a trading prerequisite that must be maintained, such as a monthly trading volume of 5 GTLots, to become eligible for FXGT.com’s VIP Services. This innovative unit streamlines the assessment of trading performance and adds an extra layer of transparency and engagement for traders within the FXGT.com ecosystem.

FXGT.com exclusive features

Synthetic crypto pairs

Synthetic cryptocurrencies, synthetic assets, or crypto synths are essentially tokenized derivatives that derive their values from underlying assets through contractual agreements. FXGT.com offers a selection of synthetic crypto pairs, enabling traders to engage in the dynamic interplay between the cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets. Among the supported synthetic crypto pairs on FXGT.com are BTC/XAU, BTC/XAG, BTC/USO, BTC/SPX, BTC/NAS, BTC/DOW, and BTC/APL. Leveraging synthetic exposure introduces several advantages:

Enhanced market efficiency

Synthetic exposure facilitates greater price efficiency in the market. Traders can seamlessly take positions based on their specific strategies, effectively enhancing market efficiency. This approach allows traders to combine bearish and bullish views on a pair of assets, promoting more effective market dynamics.

Diverse trading opportunities

For users, synthetic exposure simplifies the process of achieving market neutrality. Traders can effectively balance their exposure by employing a combination of long and short positions. This is particularly valuable given the high correlations often observed among cryptoassets, reducing the reliance on a single directional bet against the market.

Settlement currency flexibility

An essential feature of synthetic pair trading is realizing profits and losses in a preferred settlement currency, such as USDT. This means traders can speculate on the price fluctuations of two assets while experiencing gains or losses in their chosen quote currency. This flexibility allows for a more tailored approach to trading strategies.

However, it’s crucial to note that engaging in synthetic pair trading strategies requires a comprehensive understanding of various elements associated with the trade. These elements include liquidation risk, additional transaction fees, borrowing rates (applicable to margin trading), and funding rates (pertinent to perpetual contracts). Being well-versed in these intricacies is essential for informed and successful participation in synthetic cryptocurrency trading on FXGT.com.

Swap-free crypto trading

FXGT.com offers a feature known as swap-free trading, also called Islamic or Sharia-compliant trading. This feature is designed to accommodate traders following Islamic principles, particularly those prohibiting the payment or receipt of interest, known as Riba, and speculative or uncertain transactions. FXGT.com provides swap-free trading options for specific financial instruments, including indices, gold, and cryptocurrencies. These instruments are selected because they are commonly traded by investors seeking Sharia-compliant alternatives.

Crypto trading

FXGT.com offers an extensive and accessible platform for crypto trading, providing traders with a seamless 24/7 gateway to some of the most popular and dynamic cryptocurrency markets. Here, we’ll delve into the various facets of FXGT.com’s crypto trading offerings:-

24/7 access to popular crypto markets

FXGT.com recognizes the importance of flexibility and convenience in cryptocurrency trading. As such, traders are granted continuous, round-the-clock access to various popular cryptocurrency markets. This 24/7 availability ensures that traders can engage in crypto trading at their preferred times, accommodating various time zones and schedules.

Broad exposure with GTi12 Index

One distinctive feature that sets FXGT.com apart is the GTi12 Index. This innovative index is meticulously designed to encompass 12 key cryptocurrencies, carefully selected based on criteria like market capitalization, liquidity, and availability for trading on the platform. Traders can leverage this index to gain broad exposure to the cryptocurrency market through a single trade, streamlining their investment approach.

Essential trading toolkit

The FXGT MT5 Advanced Trader Toolkit is a comprehensive set of tools designed to enhance your trading experience and improve your performance in the financial markets. This toolkit is specifically tailored to help traders optimize their strategies, manage risk, and maximize potential profits. It offers various features to make trading more efficient and effective. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access and install this toolkit:-

  1. Request
  • Begin by filling out a request form here. This form is typically used to express your interest in obtaining the Advanced Trader Toolkit.
  1. Download
  • After you’ve submitted your request, FXGT.com will send you an email containing a download link for the installation file of the toolkit. This email is a crucial part of the process, providing access to the tools.
  1. Install
  • Once you receive the email with the download link, click on it to download the installation file. After downloading, run this installation file on your computer.
  1. Restart
  • After the installation is complete, restart your FXGT.com MT5 trading platform. You should then be able to find the Advanced Trader Toolkit within the navigator panel of your trading platform.


It’s important to note that the availability and features of the toolkit may vary depending on your account type (e.g., silver, gold, platinum) and account balance. Different account levels may provide access to different tools or features within the toolkit.

Overall, the FXGT MT5 Advanced Trader Toolkit is a valuable resource for traders looking to gather market information quickly, analyze multiple markets effectively, and execute, monitor, and manage their positions with greater proficiency. It is intended to empower traders to make more informed decisions and enhance their trading strategies.

Our verdict on FXGT.com’s innovation & features

All things considered, our experts were happy with FXGT.com as a trading platform. The broker is supported by the success and longevity of its mother company trading brand. Most crucially, the firm was able to expand its concept legally and credibly by obtaining the relevant legislation from South Africa (FSCA), Seychelles (FSA), and Vanuatu (FVSC), in addition to the CySEC (though it is reserved only for institutional traders).

What we loved the most about the broker is that it provides various instruments, including trading in cryptocurrencies, and that you may deposit and withdraw money using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. FXGT.com offers a wide range of account types, most of which may be traded commission-free and with access to high leverage up to 1:1000, enabling you to take advantage of chances.

Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content and is not financial advice. CryptoNewsZ does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of the content. Readers should verify information independently and exercise caution when dealing with any mentioned company. Investing in cryptocurrencies is risky, and seeking advice from a qualified professional is recommended.

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