Unmarshal now supports Moonbeam Network

Unmarshal has published a blog post to announce that it has added support for Moonbeam Network as a part of regularly adding support for multiple chains. The integration of the endpoints of Unmarshal with Moonbeam Network will allow users to query blockchain data while architecting an application on the network. This marks yet another achievement of a milestone in the roadmap of Unmarshal.

The development comes in response to the rising demand from the users of deploying on multiple chains.

Adding support for Moonbeam Network gives it access to Unmarshal’s Webhooks, APIs, and Websockets. The objective of making these endpoints accessible is to accelerate the development of a product. Other sections that can be accessed are dashboards, data visualization, and real-time notifications.

Tracking/Event Stream becomes available as well, letting keep track of transitions without losing the data. Decoded Transaction API does nearly something similar by providing an in-depth description of one specific transaction. Querying users’ asset balances is convenient, courtesy of Wallet Balance API. This is followed by the Transaction History API that lets one query all the asset transfer events within the Moonbeam blockchain.

Smart Notifications API is accessible as well to give a look at alerts of transactions that have been executed on smart contracts across different devices. Exhaustive pieces of information about a token can be fetched by Token Store API as it searches by token contract address.

Moonbeam has chosen Unmarshal for the benefits that the integration brings to the table: reliability and multi-chain support.

Reliability here refers to having a robust infrastructure with minimal downtime. Unmarshal APIs have reported that it has registered an uptime of 99.2% with an average latency of 188.2 ms. Multi-chain support comes to play for the applications that are deployed on multiple chains. Unmarshal acts as a one-stop solution, considering that it has indexed 7+ EVM-based chains.

Moonbeam enables users to build cross-chain connected applications as a smart contract platform. These applications can access users, services, and assets on different chains. Moonbeam unites the functionalities of Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polkadot to solve the problem of user experience.

Moonbeam basically unlocks interoperability to make way for the applications that target the next generation of users.

Unmarshal is a Web3 data network that supports multiple chains. It aims to deliver real-time data to decentralized finance protocols, decentralized applications, metaverse, NFTs, and GameFi solutions. The network is responsible for providing the easiest way to query blockchain data from different chains like Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Fantom, Avalanche, Moonbeam, and Arbtrum, to mention a few.

Web3 applications are powered on every chain through the data indexers and transformation tools provided by Unmarshal. It does so while providing a latent view of the data that has been transformed.Further development reports are awaited since Unmarshal has just added support for Moonbeam Network. For now, Unmarshal is looking at it as a good start for 2023.

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