Unusual But Real Ways To Get The Money You Need Today

There are instances wherein you might need to secure a certain amount of cash immediately, such as for home repairs that can no longer wait, or for bills that are reaching their due dates. More often than not, you obtain the money you need from an emergency fund you dedicatedly built. But in the event that your emergency fund is slowly being used up, here are some of the unusual, but definitely real ways on how you can get the money you need immediately.

Apply for a cash advance

Apply for a cash advance

This may not be unusual because applying for a cash advance from a credit card company, or a loan from a bank is the first thing that comes to the mind of a person who needs money. What makes this unique, however, is if you are applying for a probate advance. If your loved one recently passed away, you may be listed as an heir to their estate. While a probate process can take quite some time before it is completed and assets are distributed, you can make a probate advance through an inheritance funding company. A probate advance, or an inheritance funding is money provided to you by a lender based on your portion of the estate, so this advance doesn’t take into consideration your credit score.


Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, everyone can now connect in the online world. There are already several crowdfunding sites online that allow users to solicit money from generous benefactors for different reasons. You can leverage on this and start crowdfunding, putting in detail why and when you need the money.


In the past, people earn some extra bucks by baby-sitting, thereby, house-sitting might be new to you. Nowadays, certain homeowners pay people to keep an eye on their houses for an extended period of time. Again, thanks to this digital age, there are already several platforms online that allows you to connect to several homeowners who need people to keep an eye on their houses and perform certain tasks such as light maintenance or mowing the lawn.

Participate in a clinical trial or join a focus group

You can get a hefty amount of sum simply by participating in a clinical trial. Clinical trials are normally intended to observe how people with particular medical conditions react to new treatments. Nevertheless, there are clinical trials that accept healthy volunteers.

In the same manner, you can also join a focus group and provide feedback about the products of a certain company, or provide innovative ideas. There are several companies who generously pay for this type of study to compensate the consumers for their time.

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