Unveiling Bitgert coin: The next big thing in crypto

Let’s take a walk through the currently trending Bitgert coin, a crypto coin that is about to become the next big thing in the crypto market. We are talking about a crypto project with features and innovations that rival Ethereum, Solana, and all other altcoins. If this sounds too good to be true, then it’s a definite sign that you don’t know the Bitgert coin yet. So, let’s try to correct that right now.

Crypto trading has seen a lot of growth since Bitcoin launched many years ago. But, with newer crypto projects joining the crypto scene, it’s looking more like we are going out of innovations on the blockchain. The first major attention to the problems of cryptocurrency was with Bitcoin’s proof of work mechanism, which is known for its high energy consumption. High energy consumption is not the only problem with the PoW. It also leads to a lot of emissions that could contribute to the destructive movement of the ozone layer.

Ethereum came in as a form of correction for this by introducing the Proof of Stake, which reduces the setups and computational stress of Bitcoin’s PoW. But as we start seeing a new problem with the Ethereum algorithm in accommodating a high number of users, there is a need for a new mechanism to address these issues. Bitgert is the coin of the future to correct these issues, and it has started already. Here are some ways it is doing that.

Using faster validation to make Bitgert more scalable

One reason leading to slower transaction speed on most of the other altcoins (including Ethereum) is the adoption of a mechanism that doesn’t expedite the validation process. The Bitgert validation mechanism uses a proof of consensus that makes validation happen at a near speed of light.

With about 100,000 transactions validated in a second, this makes Bitgert more scalable than any other cryptocurrency you can think of right now. Okay, what that means in simple English is that as Bitgert can now accommodate more transactions per second, it will keep running smoothly regardless of how many people are trading at the same time.

Making trading accessible with lower charges

As more people start using cryptocurrency, one way to make them more interested in trading is by reducing transaction charges on crypto trade. Bitgert is making trading accessible by making each transaction process with a very low gas fee. We are talking about a charge as low as an absolute zero fee.

Bitgert is moving toward becoming the best crypto project in the next few months. You can join this journey by investing in the Bitgert coin today.

Check the Bitgert official website for more information.

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