US Lagging behind China’s Development of National Digital Currency, Circle CEO

Jeremy Allaire, the Circle CEO, mentions that the U.S. is falling behind the development of China’s national digital money, which could change the manner in which western organizations conduct payments. 

Recently, the Circle CEO, Jeremy Allaire spoke to the Global Coin Research podcast this week, said China is establishing the momentum in the advancement of digital currency which is equivalent to its fiat money, the renminbi, and could sooner pass around western rules and regulations through direct settlements. Moreover, Allaire said that Circle has a keen interest in stablecoin development, like USD Coin. 

Additionally, in the middle of July, a Chinese court recognized Bitcoin legally as digital property. Soon after that, China’s state-possessed Bank had begun promoting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. According to Allaire, this development might incite a model with better financial supervision and policy transmission and is hoping that each national bank would understand the benefits.

Over the last couple of months, Circle has been effectively seeking new development opportunities like the recent venture into Bermuda to support worldwide clients, and furthermore offering fiat-to-crypto exchanging, and presenting new asset pairs on its exchange Poloniex for Tether and USDC.

Jeremy Allaire is the Chairman, Co-founder, and CEO of Circle, a worldwide crypto financial service organization that supports people, establishments and entrepreneurs with a platform to invest resources, store, exchange and utilize digital assets and raise venture capital through online securities offering.

China‘s dislike of foreign technology is not a mystery, and the nation has consistently come up with their version of western technology and developments. The progressing disturbance with the U.S has just provoked China to find a way to be one step in front of its western partner. 

Circle Internet Financial is a worldwide internet finance organization based on blockchain technology and controlled by crypto resources. Circle was established in 2013 by internet business visionaries, Jeremy Allaire and Sean Neville. Circle has raised about 250 million dollars from investors, which includes Jim Breyer, Goldman Sachs, IDG Capital, and serves more than 8,000,000 clients universally. 

Circle’s crypto-exchanging provides one of the most significant worldwide liquidity pools for digital asset trading, averaging 2 billion dollars in a month to month volume. Additionally, Circle has created working associations with regulators, giving close consideration to guidance from the U.S. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

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