US Mobile Operator Calls on Cardano

Dish Network has entered into a strategic partnership with Input Output Global (IOG) to explore the US satellite television and cellular network group ( listed at Nasdaq ) with the help of the Cardano Blockchain. The announcement was made at the Cardano Summit of 2021 according to Cardano price prediction reports. The two companies are collaborating to provide the customers of Dish Satellite TV, Boost mobile network, and Sling streaming TV service with new services. Earlier this month, Dish Satellite TV announced the implementation of IBM technology for the 5G-based mobile network that will offer network coverage to one-fifth of the 383 million consumers based in the US. 

Dish Satellite TV took over Boost mobile phone network and became renowned as the wireless carrier of the nation in 2020. After the acquisition of Boost, Dish Satellite TV is building the foremost virtualized network of Broadband in America based on O-RAN (open radio access network) technology. Established in 1980, Dish Network is associated with 9.4m wireless subscribers and 11.4m TV subscribers. Chris Ergen, the Head of the Innovation Department of Dish Satellite TV, is looking forward to the intersection of the dynamically transformative industries of telecommunications and blockchain technology through the collaboration between Dish and Cardano. According to Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOG, the use of blockchain technology and distributed ledger systems shall significantly impact the telecommunications industry. 

Through the collaboration, Dish Network shall integrate the blockchain of ADA into its telecommunications ecosystem to offer digital identity services to its clients. IOG, the parent company of Cardano, has joined hands with Chainlink to provide the team of developers at Cardano with the opportunity of developing smart contracts for DeFi apps. Founded in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is renowned for its scalable and environmentally sustainable Blockchain network.

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