US Surpasses China in No. of Coronavirus Infected Cases, Muneeb Ali Takes a Dig at Government

The Coronavirus spread in the United States has shocked the world as the country surpassed China in the number of positive cases. As per the estimates by WorldOMeter, the United States has about 85,600+ positive cases, while China has over 81,300. Though the virus has slowed down in China, its spread across the globe is increasing by the day, and scientists have confirmed that we haven’t witnessed the peak yet.

The US authorities have been heavily criticized for early inaction regarding the virus, despite warnings of the pandemic coming as early as two months ago. Taking a dig at the government, Blockstack CEO tweeted on Friday that the US managed to get more infections than China despite a two-month notice of COVID-19.

A couple of weeks ago, Muneeb had expressed his disappointment over the delayed response by the US authorities towards the novel Coronavirus. While the world has lashed out at China for delaying to declare the outbreak of the virus, countries like Italy, Spain, and the US also underestimated the pandemic, which may have contributed significantly in the spread of the virus, as crucial time was wasted which could have been utilized to conduct tests at an early stage.

Former Democrats candidate for the US Congress, Dr. Dena Grayson, who also happens to be a renowned physician and scientist, had labeled the Trump administration as incompetent to fight the pandemic. Subsequently, the government had to declare Coronavirus as a ‘National Emergency’ with an estimated stimulus package of $6 trillion in the works.

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