Enjin (ENJ) Continues To Partner With DLT Games, Space Misfits Integration Complete

Blockchain and gaming have been the most unexpected marriage, but a successful one nonetheless. DLT based games have been topping the charts time and again, and one platform ruling the roost is Enjin Blockchain.

Space Misfits, a blockchain based 3D Space Sandbox MMO, has announced that its integration with Enjin blockchain. It uses blockchain tech to create items in the game, which are backed by the Enjin’s native cryptocurrency, ENJ. This provides the player the real value and ownership on the items collected while playing the game.

Gaming is among the leading sectors in terms of blockchain adoption. Several games have emerged in the last few years which directly uses the tech to build the game, while there are others who integrate the tech to facilitate crypto payments for value-added stuff. The gaming industry has turned out to be a perfect use-case example for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

The exclusive features like transparency, immutability, and decentralization, which come along with DLT and electronic money are a perfect mix for gamers. Moreover, blockchain can tackle the worst two nightmares of any game development team, copyright infringement, and hacking.

Also, the blockchain industry has been taking major steps to encourage the developer to build more blockchain games. For instance, in November last year, TRON announced a $100 million fund to assist the development of blockchain games.

Blockchain companies betting on gaming makes sense now more than ever. The gaming sector is among the evergreen ones, which rarely sees a dip in sales charts. Also, with the rise of smartphone gaming, integration of blockchain, crypto wallets, and video games has become a reality. Click here to get more information about crypto betting sites.

Use of Enjin Wallet will allow Space Misfits user to store all the items they manage to collect on the game, in the form of the native token ENJ. The blockchain itself has been taking quite a few steps to support DLT based games. On Friday, Enjin shared a tweet about a crowdfunding campaign it created for game developers.

Enjin aims to regulate 3rd-party marketplaces, where currently, game developers are facing the evil of grey market trading, resulting in significant revenue losses. Regulated 3rd-party marketplaces will enable developers to earn revenue by placing a trading fee on all transactions.

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