Users Can Now Set NFTs as Their Profile Picture on Reddit

Reddit is trying to test a tool that lets consumers use any NFT people own as their profile pic, not just its own ETH-based Non-Fungible Tokens, known as “CryptoSnoos,” which were published in limited numbers the year before. A related feature designed to allow users to set their NFTs as profile pics was initially added on Twitter, in which the pics themself offer data about the NFT once user clicks and appears as hexagon-shaped pictures to distinguish them from the basic Twitter profile image. Even so, the specifics of Reddit’s assistance for NFTs have yet to be determined.

Reddit clarified that this specific NFT experiment is in its initial stages and it has not been made accessible to public users.

Reddit is constantly looking for new ways to provide value to its users and communities. They are currently testing the capability of using NFTs as profile photos (avatars) and verifying ownership. It’s a tiny test, and no choices about broadening or trying to roll out the functionality have been formed.

For some period, Reddit has been experimenting with different initiatives centered on NFTs, even creating a dedicated section for NFT-related actions at For the time being, the section primarily focuses on the CryptoSnoos, which are Reddit’s own virtual collectibles.

The “Snoo” part of this sentence refers to Reddit’s extraterrestrial mascot, aka “Snoo,” as well as the collectibles themselves are variants of Snoo’s image.

One depicts the mascot as a rough picture, while the other one depicts it as a balloon, for instance. Only 4 CryptoSnoos have already been published in total. The response to CryptoSnoos was mixed at best. Many Reddit users were outraged by Reddit’s entry into NFTs, which they called “idiotic,” “a gimmick,” or worse in the official release post’s comment thread. But others are more concerned about the increasing prices of NFTs, which prevented many people from engaging in the ecological system. Some, on the other hand, had shown more impartial inquisitiveness or even assistance for Reddit’s attempts. These reactions reflect the polarized recognition that NFTs are receiving across industries. Somebody has created a tool for blocking Twitter handles that use NFT profile pics, for instance. Going to follow significant user outcry, both Discord and Mozilla stopped for a moment for crypto projects.

As conventional gaming companies attempted to shift towards crypto, gaming communities devolved into turmoil.

According to Reddit, there are no firm plans to introduce more CryptoSnoos, as they were only a trial. Meanwhile, Nima Owji, a developer, discovered the new NFT experiment. He discovered a banner mentioning the venture on Reddit’s web app. It popped up at the top of the main pages of Reddit’s communities, but Redditors were not shown it. Owji theorised that the picture could portray a growth beyond CryptoSnoos it included a lot of imagery to reflect NFTs, not just the Reddit alien-themed CryptoSnoos.

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