Ontology Shining Bright On Twenty Wallets, Major Feat For A Two-Year-Old Platform

Last three years have a rollercoaster ride for crypto companies, and Ontology is no different in that regard. After having a dismal 2018, things seem to be improving, and at a healthy pace as well for the Chinese crypto project.

The platform has been moving forward with resilience and has entered into partnerships with various crypto platforms to boost the adoption of its native tokens ONT and ONG. In fact, Ontology is turning out to be one of the most active projects for 2019. This is clearly showing in numbers now, as the company tweeted that its tokens can now be stored in nearly twenty wallets.

Recently, Huobi Wallet added ONT and ONG on its platform, joining other 19 wallets to do so. In a blog published on medium.com on Tuesday, Ontology listed all the crypto wallets where users can store their ONT and ONG tokens. Apart from Huobi, these wallets include big names like Banko Wallet, BitKeep, Karathen, Onion, ONTO, and Hyperpay.

The blog also states,

Ontology uses a dual token model. ONT is a coin and can be used for staking in consensus, whereas ONG is a utility token used for on-chain services.

In the recent past, Ontology has taken serious efforts to expand the number of dapps on its platform. During his interview on Wednesday, Ontology founder Jun LI said,

At the moment, we have 20–30 dapps with more than 200,000 users. The number may not seem large at first glance, but it is because our focus has been on the long-term development and quality of individual dapps, not on the number of dapps.

Expanding the number of wallets and dapps for its platform is important from a long term strategic point for Ontology. Crypto markets are expected to grow exponentially in the next few years, and this certainly is a big opportunity for Ontology. Adding newer wallets, which are fortunately spread across various regions, helps the platform to widen its user base.

Moreover, the platform has been running a giveaway since April end, of $100 per month for any of its Ontology Telegram group.

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