Users turn Trump’s mugshots into a trend, raise NFT floor price

Donald Trump reappeared on X, formerly Twitter, in a way that no one would have imagined. Assumed, yes, but never imagined. The former president of the US is making all sorts of rounds on the internet after his mugshots were made public. Users have utilized that as a material to kickstart a meme fest, also causing the floor price of his NFT collection to surge by 62%.

A little background, though. Donald Trump was in police custody for a while before he was released in exchange for a bond of $200,000. He is in the race for the next Presidential election despite missing the opening debate on August 23, 2023. Those who admire Donald Trump are teasing that the next election is likely to be between Joe Biden and Donald Trump no matter what the current scenario holds.

That is some enthusiasm a celebrity needs. In modern times, that is more than something a celebrity could need. His NFT card collection was first exchanging hands at 0.138 ETH. That floor price has gone up amid the meme trend to touch the mark of 0.224 ETH. This roughly translates to $1,654, which an interested buyer will have to pay in order to acquire a piece of his NFT collection.

Trump’s mugshot can be seen with him looking at the camera in anger, probably no regret for all the accusations that have been filed under his name. His followers have taken that up a notch by adding a small description that reads Never Surrender.

His presence on the internet has been limited since January 2021. With the next elections coming up, his mugshots going viral is the actual push he needed to make some room for next year’s election.

A reason why there is a craze for him among the crypto members is that he is known to take a route different from Joe Biden if elected to power. Joe Biden is reportedly leaving no stone unturned to bring all the crypto under stringent regulations. Trump, when he returns, could loosen that up to allow crypto ventures to flourish in the US.

That is fueled by the fact that his fellow candidate – Ron DeSantis – has hinted at sidelining CBDC after winning the election. That stands for Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Banning the stablecoin may not be such a good idea, for it carries comparatively safer volatility than other cryptocurrencies. It is pegged to the USD in 1:1, helping holders to better understand where the value of their portfolio lies on the graph at any time of the day. Ron has fired the shot anyway.

Trump has also come out as a supporter of cryptocurrencies, as it is known that he holds around $2.8 million in his Ethereum wallet. This basically states that Donald Trump is going to support cryptocurrencies because he himself holds a large value of them in the digital wallet.

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