USM and MetaWear to bring digital fashion to the Metaverse

USM and MetaWear have entered into a partnership. The news was first shared by USM, adding that MetaWear will help USM to display and sell its digital clothing to users. MetaWear has a background of being not just a manufacturer but also a fashion mall where customers and designers can come together for selling and purchasing purposes.

The upcoming event that is at the center of the stage is MetaWear Fashion Dome. Users can submit their designs, vote, or invest in a project of their choice.

The fashion industry is worth approximately $3 billion. It is fast shifting to the metaverse to better connect with the audience. The digital sphere enables them to be a part of decentralized Web3 and gain the desired reach.

MetaWear Fashion Dome has become popular among every community for the offerings that it brings to the table. For instance, crypto holders can invest in a designer or an artist of their choice. Alternatively, they can choose to buy an item of their choice. Young and talented designers get a space to display their creativity while also earning some income without the involvement of any intermediary. Land & property investors can buy or sell the Dome, depending on how they want to utilize the location.

Simply put, no matter what kind of user joins MetaWear Fashion Dome, all of them have something to gain in the digital world of fashion.

The development follows USM Labs entering into a strategic partnership with Raca. This comes with a highlighted strategic investment of $30 million in March 2023. Raca is now a Web3 gaming ecosystem; however, it initially started the journey as a bidding token with Maye Musk NFT.

Its Web3 gaming infrastructure includes game publishing SDK & APIs, betting, bidding, storing characters, and building guilds. Needless to say, these are only a few functions, with more available on the official platform.

Also, this is not the first time that MetaWear and USM Labs have worked together in public. Earlier, it was announced that digital fashion is being built on USM, hinting at a point that good fashion on the internet has started.

Raca, meanwhile, has seen significant growth when it comes to its token, $RACA. Per Crypto Insights, the native token is in the 2nd position in terms of cryptocurrencies on the BNB Chain when it comes to social engagement. $RACA follows $FLOKI and is followed by $BRISE. 


USM and MetaWear have seen growth in recent times. Coming together for the Dome event will only strengthen their position in the industry and also ensure the community that there are a lot of engaging events lined up for them.

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