USM announces partnering with Mises Browser

USM seizes this occasion to formally announce that it has formed a highly strategic partnership with Mises Web3 Browser. It is a very quick, secure, and extension-loadable browser that has built-in Web3 URLs and technical improvements that make it possible to use Chrome extensions on mobile devices. This is done to enable secure and quick mobile connectivity with a variety of Web 3 applications.

An integral part of the Maye Musk NFT Dog community is the Web3 environment known as RACA (USM.WORLD). During the course of nine months, Maye Musk NFT and imitation NFTs that included video game characters and lands in the metaverse transacted over $2 billion, or more than 3.7 million BNB Coins. The University of Southern Mississippi is actually helping to shape its Web3 ecology in a positive way. It plans to do so with the help of pioneering initiatives and ecosystems that push blockchain and cryptocurrencies forward as a whole.

The entity is now developing a sizable collaborative and multichain DeFi arena with the help of leading decentralized finance protocols from the crypto ecosystem. For the objective of building the headquarters, associations are frequently created with procedures from other ecosystems. This is being done to provide them the ability to plan various activities. This is due to their conviction that in the near future, the virtual world will be in a position to become decentralized, as well as multichain, and all different kinds of initiatives will associate with one another.

OKX Ventures and Consensys Mesh Tachyon are the financial backers of RACA. With over 29 countries represented in its audience and over 665,000 people following it on Twitter, it claims to be one of the largest Web3 communities. It also boasts a whopping 510,000 users on Telegram and a whopping 68,000 on Discord. If you’re looking for a virtual headquarters, go no further than USM; they host the Web3 hub and social hubs for partners like BNB Chain and Huobi.

USM (United States of Mars) happens to be one of the oldest planets in the universe. It is understood to have been formed by Looki, the former Galaxy Forger, and a celestial being. It is because of him that there happens to be an endless number of stars, as well as constellations and planets. Communities associated with USM.WORLD happen to share the ideas of innovation and sustainability and hold dear their culture and the decentralized community of Maye Musk Dog NFT.

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