USM Players Can Now Ride Rare Velociraptor in USM.World

Players can investigate every possibility in the ($RACA) ecosystem. In today, dinos have resurrected. Presently, USM gamers can start riding a raptor to walk through, investigate, and learn about the USM Multiverse. Customers who finish all activities within the USM in accordance with the quest regulations will receive velociraptors via airdrop.

The customer can start exploring USM with their velociraptor after receiving it via airdrop. The Velociraptor will solely be given to those who are fortunate enough even to win it because ($RACA) has no plans to distribute it.

The Rare Velociraptor is a product of’s intense development phase. They registered 114,571 new customers on steadily for the past month, breaking their previous record. According to their statistics, as of July 31, they currently have 66,678K guest consumers and 47,893K integrated wallets.

Aya Uchida, Anna Suzuki, and Emi Nitta, three A-List Japanese speech female stars, will perform at some other Live Show hosted by in August. The live performance will actually occur at the USM Bowl on August 5 at 12:00 UTC. About 30 minutes before the performance, the venue will unlock. U-RACA tokens can be used to send gifts to neighbors and famous people.

The ecosystem of saw a rise in traffic to both its Web3- and metaverse-facing platforms. Based on its July month-end report, the United States of Mars metaverse, Metamon Island, and the ecosystem’s native NFT market have received a total of 829,599 visitors since their launch.

Since its launch in October of last year, the ($RACA) ecosystem has continued to expand despite the bearish trend. Due to its growth and dedication to creating a free ecosystem that empowers the maximum potential of Web3, the ecosystem kept attracting new users.

Over 114,571 more people visited the USM metaverse in the last two months, an increase of over 20%. More than 648,894 visitors were officially registered at Metamon Island. All of this development is a result of their work to create a metaverse for the community, widen the scope of knowledge, and unleash the best extent of Web3. However, the action of their community within their ecosystem is more significant than the information.

Different things do happen each day in the various parts of USM, Metamon, and their marketplace. Their community’s enthusiasm is what drives them to create and then further enhance their product lines. Join in on the history that is creating through new tech, cryptocurrency, and virtual currencies.

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