USM strikes an exclusive deal with Blockchain UNIJOS

USM forms an exclusive collaboration with Blockchain UNIJOS. Together, they intend to take forward the Metaverse and Web3 tools that will bring to the forefront the total abilities of the internet and make available decentralized space for all.

USM, on its part, is the most spread-out metaverse on the BNB Chain, whereas Blockchain UNIJOS is a blockchain community attached to one of the most well-respected universities in Africa.

The USM metaverse is a hub of tremendous potential wherein it is possible to bring forth the total capabilities of Web3 as well as digital applications. Opportunities are galore, such as the creation of imaginative buildings and maneuvering across a fresh arena that is as applicable as it is digital.

The association has pledged to enhance all functions surrounding the very core of USM, the central hub for multiple DeFi projects. There will be the provision of interacting with various teams, setting up online seminars, and receiving updates on the present and future scenarios.

Their network comes with multiple associations formed with respected communities linked to a whole lot of universities that are held in high regard. These include names such as Cambridge University, the University of Southern California, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of California San Diego, and lots of others.

DWF Labs, OKX Blockdream Ventures, and Consensys Mesh’s Tachyon accelerator are all supporting RACA. When it comes to the Web3 framework, RACA is the one providing the services. It has evolved from its humble beginnings as a bidding token and the Maye Musk NFT into a robust Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Founded by Elon Musk’s Mother and the Koda NFT community, RACA—the traditional USM token—serves as a Crypto dApp Store housing AI applications and games.

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