USM.World Collaborates With DODO to Establish Base of Operations in Metaverse

Driven by the Proactive Market Making (PMM) mechanism, DODO is a decentralized Trading Protocol for Web3 that USM.World (native coin: $RACA) is happy to announce its cooperation with.

The Proactive Market Maker (PMM) heuristic, developed by DODO, enables market participants and LPs to focus solely on their investments and offer robust cash flow without burdensome financial regulations. There are thousands of products and methods for permissionless liquidity.

DODO has become legally multi-chain and accessible on ETH, Polygon, BSC, Arbitrum, OKC, HECO, Moonriver, Boba, and Aurora. With just a focus on sustainability, adaptability, and diversity, DODO delivers abundant liquidity across the complete range of DeFi network and scalability options.

Through this collaboration, DODO will have access to the office into the USM Metaverse. The community’s members can monitor DODO’s development inside the HQ, take part in numerous social events, be informed of news, and access any DODO material, including images, movies, and NFTs.

Through the USM Metaverse’s digital advertising, USM.World will also offer extra assistance in collaboration with significant participants in the cryptocurrency market, USM.World is developing a sizable DeFi and Web3 industry in the metaverse. This fantastic activity includes collaboration with EverRise.

With the implementation of HQ, OpenMeta EverRise, BNBChain, BNB Swap, Trivians, Pink Ecosystem, MDEX, and Venus Protocol, they already cooperate with USM.World. Numerous further initiatives will be announced shortly; this is only the start.

About USM.World

There are already hundreds of daily players and traders on the USM.World ecosystem. The behavioral data gives the development team insight into the needs of the metaverse Radio Caca community. Over 109,000 users, 45,000 integrated wallets, and over 63,000 registered visitors make up the USM.World 3D metaverse (USM). With more than 28,000 active users each month, is one of the largest metaverses, surpassing others like Decentraland and The Sandbox.

About DODO 


DODO is a decentralized exchange platform (DEX) designed to lower slippages for traders and increase liquidity in decentralized finance (DeFi). It provides an alternative to the conventional Automated Market Makers (AMM), which were created to do away with middlemen in cryptocurrency trading. The DODO Exchange offers powerful capital-efficient liquidity pools that would provide single-token stipulation and lessen ephemeral lost opportunities. Through the addition of new innovations to decentralized platforms, the DODO project is attempting to maintain this revolutionary trend. Proactive Market Maker (PMM), its new market maker technology, has the potential to address many of the problems with AMM and facilitate trading.

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