USM.World Partners With BNBChain and 10 Other DeFi Protocols

Creating a Web3.0 where control, security, wealth, and information are once more in the hands of the communities, and the individuals are dependent on working with top standards.

The anonymity, decentralization, and community tenets underpin the bitcoin market will restore economic equilibrium.

By building a sizable decentralized finance (DeFi) component and smart contracts in their 3D multiverse United States of Mars, USM.World is committed to reestablishing this balance.

They are still forging important alliances and erecting offices for several blockchains and DeFi systems. Collectively, they create new opportunities, relationships, advancements, and potential for their communities.

They will create their allies’ offices within the USM Multiverse and supply territory for them through these collaborations. Community individuals will be able to monitor the project’s development inside the HQ, participate in different social events, keep up with developments and examine whatever material the partnership produces, including pictures, videos, and NFTs.

One of the agreements made public as part of this growth was with BNBChain, the biggest smart contract platform in the cryptocurrency industry. Nevertheless, many more alliances have been revealed, and many more DeFi protocols may join us on this quest to create a multifaceted, unrestricted, and interlinked metaverse. Look at potential new fellow companions:-

  • Latest Collaboration with BNBChain.
  • Upcoming Collaboration with Trivians.
  • Newest Collaboration with BSCDaily.
  • Latest Collaboration with Pink Ecosystem.
  • Exciting Collaboration with MDEX.
  • Venus Protocol Announced New Partnership.
  • Awesome Collaboration with Rick Quark.
  • Amazing Collaboration with EverRise.
  • New Collaboration with OpenMeta.
  • Latest Collaboration with DODO.
  • New Collaboration with BNBSwap.
  • New Collaboration with TEN Finance.

They became the first metaverse to collaborate with more than 30 institutions and organizations in conjunction with some of the major DeFi networks, such as the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, the biggest public university in Latin America, and among the most prestigious universities around the world.

Johannes Ludwig, Sébastien Buemi, Francesco Friedrich, Walter Wallberg, and Kaylin Whitney are among the five Olympic medal winners from different sports with whom USM.World has collaborated worldwide. They are working together on this adventure with NOAA scientist Dr. Tracy Fanara, a leader in STEM teaching for the country’s youth and future.

There are already hundreds of everyday players and traders in the USM.World environment. Over 109,000 individuals, 45,000 linked wallets, and over 63,000 authorized users make up the USM.World 3D metaverse (USM). has become one of the biggest metaverses, surpassing others like The Sandbox and Decentraland, with more than 28,000 visitors per month.


Established in early 2022, USM is a sizable Metaverse platform on BNB/ETH with a capacity of 1 million lands that can house up to 1 billion people. is a huge environment with an NFT Market in conjunction with the USM Multiverse.

A group of Olympic gold medalists, eminent figures in science, and world-class individuals are driving’s mission to create a multiverse for society.

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