USM.World partners with Helio for easy earning yield on HAY

USM.The world is very pleased and takes immense pleasure in making their declaration of partnering with Helio Protocol. This joining of hands between the two prime entities has been carried out with the aim and intention of making it into an absolute, mutually beneficial merger in every way possible. Incidentally, USM.World, whose conventional token happens to be $RACA, is the parent company of the 3D metaverse-oriented United States of Mars (USM).

On the other hand, Helio Protocol is an open-source liquidity-based protocol. Among its many functions is one in which it assists in borrowing and earning yield on HAY. However, this happens to be a fresh BNB-propelled collateralized stablecoin. However, the partnership is formed to create its head office in the virtual world.

To comprehend the situation better, it becomes imperative to dig deeper. For a start, this will offer Helio Protocol the opportunity of opening its very own head office in the virtual world. It will also effectively open the doors for virtual billboards to be positioned within the confines of the USM virtual arena.

All of this, in turn, will provide the opportunity for all of the associated individuals to connect with Helio Protocol. However, there will now be more frequent inter-active sessions between all players. The highlighting feature, however, is that all of the members on board will have the pleasure of obtaining all the existing content, such as the graphics, videos, and NFTs.

Trevor Holman

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