USM.World partners with Magpie XYZ & boosts veTokenomics protocols

USM.World is pleased and, with great excitement, made their official announcement of having joined hands in the form of a mutually beneficial partnership with Magpie XYZ. USM.World, by the way, happens to be the parent company of the 3D virtual world-United States of Mars (USM). Magpie XYZ, on the other hand, is, in actuality, a platform created on the BNB Chain.

However, this was carried out with the aim and intention of giving the required amount of push and thrust to all of the liquidity providers. In addition, it is also done for matters related to the promotion of the governance token holders of the veTokenomics protocol. However, the primary reason that ultimately led to the joining up of the two entities is the creation of headquarters in the virtual world.

The entity Magpie XYZ is actively engaged in providing all of its users the opportunity to make deposits of their stablecoins to create the avenue of earning boosted yield from that of Wombat Exchange. However, this, in turn, is achieved without the necessity of staking WOM.

In this scenario, however, the merging of the two entities will enable MagpieXYZ to obtain a headquarters space. The provision will also extend to them positioning their virtual billboards within the confines of the USM metaverse. Inside of this, it will allow all of the users on board to track the magpie XYX to gain access to its latest updates. Besides this, it will also be possible for the users to interact amongst themselves actively. The highlighting feature, however, remains that they will be able to get exposed to all of the entity’s content. However, this, in turn, includes the graphics, videos, and available NFTs.


However, the main motive of USM is to make a large multiverse ecosystem for DeFi, along with the major decentralized finance protocol of the ecosystem. Consequently, the partnership with Magpie XYZ is a grand landmark for USM.

Trevor Holman

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