USPTO grants Web3 trademark to Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has gained an advantage in the Web3 sphere. It now sports a trademark from the USPTO, allowing it to venture into the lands of online marketplaces exclusively for non-fungible tokens and crypto-collectibles. The development aligns with the mission of Ticketmaster to gain momentum in the Web3 space by leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. Adding to it is the capability of digital collectibles that become available to the ecosystem.

With a trademark to its name, Ticketmaster will be able to offer transactions and registry services as well to better support the incoming times in the digital era.

IC 035 specifically caters to buyers and sellers who are interested in engaging with NFTs that are based on blockchain and crypto collectibles. The list of content, for now, includes images, videos, games, virtual experiences, artwork, and photos from the entertainment and sports sectors, among many others.

Not just blockchain technology but Ticketmaster will also leverage the capabilities of smart contracts to make sure that the experience of the community is indeed seamlessly less manual.

So basically, the receipt of a trademark from the USPTO grants Ticketmaster the right to operate an online marketplace for NFTs & crypto collectibles and provide transactions plus registry services via blockchain technology & smart contracts.

This is not the first time that Ticketmaster has seen the Web3 trademark come into the picture. The idea was initially teased by the Chief Executive Officer, Michael Rapino, almost at the end of 2021. It was during the announcement of quarterly results of Live Nation that they highlighted blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens for a great amount of time.

The entry of Ticketmaster into the world of an online marketplace for NFTs and crypto-collectibles cements the infrastructure. Ticketmaster is known to be a trusted and regulated platform specializing in accelerating engagement with participants in the market.

Ticketmaster securing the Web3 trademark from USPTO reflects the trend that prevails all over the industry. For instance, FIFA is interested in serving its fanbase in the metaverse. It has, therefore, applied for a trademark in the metaverse domain. This will change the way one engages with sports, especially through digital tokens or cryptocurrencies like BTC & ETH. FIFA is expected to introduce the experience of virtual reality gaming, digital footwear, and virtual clothing pieces. Not to forget, it will boost the adoption of entertainment services in the digital world.

FIFA, under the We Are campaign, has submitted a total of nine trademark applications. The number is per the media reports, with confirmation or finalization due only after the official announcement or acceptance of applications.

Cryptocurrency is changing the way one interacts with the sports segment. For starters, it allows fans to interact with their favorite teams or even their favorite players. Making it more interesting are brands that roll out exclusive discounts for fans on merchandise and tickets. A snake-peak of behind the curtains is yet another example of how fans better engage with the sports fraternity through Web3.

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