Validation Cloud & Hedera collaborate to drive EVM equivalence

The HBAR Foundation has announced the integration of Validation Cloud with Hedera Network. The objective of entering into this association is to back the EVM equivalence, enabling Ethereum EVM developers to seamlessly migrate their experience to a similar ecosystem. Validation Cloud has committed to bringing its key tooling features, namely Mirror Node-as-a-service and RPC Relay.

Andrew McFarlane, the Chief Technical Officer of Validation Cloud, has highlighted that users will benefit from the integration. They will be able to conveniently connect with Hedera Network via two offerings on its platform. Andrew has further stated that their project is purpose-built. Meaning it is fully equipped to handle the scalable solution that comes with this integration.

What makes Validation Cloud a perfect fit for the integration on Hedera Network is its global low latency, compliance, and high throughput. Andrew has said that they are excited and looking forward to supporting existing and upcoming innovative decentralized applications. Needless to say, they will now be constructed with enhanced connectivity to the Hedera Network.

Grace Pfluger from HBAR Foundation has stated that they are looking forward to the product offerings for developers and users, adding that the partnership demonstrates their commitment to dApps that are already functioning on the network. Grace has also said that they are confident that Hedera will go on to achieve the feat of being a robust infrastructure.

Hedera Network is primarily looking to push its current capability of approximately 1,300 TPS – transactions per second – with this integration. Node Providers help in such a mission only if their performance is up to the market standard. In most cases, they have to consider surpassing individual expectations before setting a new benchmark in the industry. Grace has, therefore, stated that one can simply not understate the value of node providers in the industry.

The community can alternatively look at this from the viewpoint that Validation Cloud has been appreciated for its efficiency by the Hedera Network.

There is a need for EVM equivalence within the community to make sure that sufficient innovative dApps get space for their growth. As of now, EVM is the basic foundation for the Wev3 community of developers. It has, so far, facilitated the development and delivery of tools, educational programs, & resources to developers who are a part of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

Moving forward, the same set of developers will gain the specialty of seamlessly building their projects on Hedera EVM at minimal friction. Developers are highly likely to benefit from the flexibility and unmatched power of this integration.

The same combination retains Hashgraph as it brings a predictable gas fee model, high speed, and fair ordering along with the flexibility of the network. The HBAR Foundation believes that this is an opportunity for developers to unlock the next generation of dApps, that is, decentralized applications, specifically in the Web3 sphere.

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