VC-funded Staking Pool Stir Joins IOST Partners Program

It is indeed a matter of excitement when your company will soon be launched to a greater number of audiences and on a global scale. Today, IOST Token made an announcement on its official Twitter handle. The announcement entailed that Stir, and the VC-funded staking pool has joined the IOST Partners Program. IOST is the blockchain infrastructure that makes use of PoB, i.e., Proof of Believability consensus algorithm. This allows IOST to offer quicker TPS. This joining of forces will take IOST staking to the international stage, and as a result, its value and business will grow several folds.

This partnership of IOST Staking program and Stir is a source of great excitement for both the companies. Stir will join as a ‘Servi Node.’ This partnership will bring massive growth for IOST and its ecosystem overall. This will act as the first ‘StaaS,’ i.e., Staking-as-a-Service. The main target audience of this project will be local people from Japan. The IOST Staking program is hoping for much more ease for the investors when it comes to accessing and joining IOST staking, based on this partnership.

The CEO of Stir- Shohei Kamon had the following to say on this partnership-

Our goal is to adapt the blockchain technology to the real society, and so we will support customers, especially in the field of node server, where we can make the most of our strength. Through this partnership, we believe that we can help companies join the network as a node and so contribute to the IOST network to be more distributed.

Stir, headquartered in Singapore, is governed by Ether Security Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd. The specialty of Stir lies in operating nodes in the Pos Networks. The company holds a good amount of experience and boasts a thoroughly professional team that is only taking the company higher and higher. Based on the company’s promise and performance, it got venture investments two months ago, this year. This venture investments’ main objective was to release staking service onto the international stage for the investors from all walks of life. As of now, the company has thirty percent shares in the supernodes on the NEM network within the country. The company has many prestigious projects under its belt, such as TEZOS, COSMOS, and so on.

IOST, on the other hand, is a platform which has the sole objective of bringing masses closer to the blockchain technology. The decentralized platform is based on the next generation Proof-of-Believability algorithm. It will be interesting to see when two companies with the same vision and objective, how they change the interaction levels of the masses with the crypto industry. IOST, as a company was launched at the beginning of this year, don’t be deceived the recent launch of the company. The company, within such a short period, managed to get listed on website. The website made a special mention about the company and further, it has created a separate section in order to encourage developers and to help them gain more exposure.

IOST has also recently formed a partnership with HashQuark, which is a staking service platform. The objective of HashQuark is to offer secure, performance-driven, solid blockchain environment to its users.

IOS, as a company, understands that despite the boom in the crypto industry almost everyday innovations, there is still a major gap between the masses and the industry. The fear of new, the fear of the unknown and the fear of complexity is contributing to this gap. To address the very same issue, the company focuses on catering to the masses with user-friendly, easy to understand crypto services. One of the main objectives of the company is to offer services that are easy to understand by the layman. Addressing this issue, the IOST Foundation once said-

IOST will achieve scalability and high TPS through POB consensus algorithm and the design of the second-tier scaling scheme. Through developing an effective community-owned network, it provides a platform for third-party developers, creators, and enterprises to realize greater value.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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