BNB & XRP drop hand in hand – New crypto gems take over their market dominance

While many crypto projects are taking on the markets and surging high, many go hand in hand, like BNB and XRP. These tokens are dipping in monthly charts, close to breaking out of their relative support zones. Fortunately, a new coin is coming on the market soon, which may take the lead from BNB and XRP very quickly. Hard to believe? Let us change your perspective.

BNB closing this week with a bearish trend: What’s next?

BNB is one of the major players in the crypto market. Being Binance chain’s primary token, BNB is cherished by many. However, as the US crackdown on Binance unfolded, BNB bore the brunt of the hits.

Down by 24% from $309 in June to $235 in July, BNB is looking at a serious recovery to make. The SEC listed BNB as a security in its lawsuit, and BNB consequently lost support from its massive market cap and popularity among other regions and the US.

BNB has formed major support at $225 as it hovers above and is gathering momentum for a possible breakout later in July. However, distrust is evident as minor resistance begins at higher highs of $241. 

The next move? Probably BNB dropping below the $220 mark before finally making a big move in late July, as per the RSI and EMI indicators.


XRP moving downwards after a minor breakout: Will it recover?

Meanwhile, XRP has started to drop after successfully creating a support region around $0.4671. On the daily charts, XRP is losing significant buyer support as it loses momentum after rising 1.4% from $0.4673 to $0.4739 on 9th July – but how long?

The XRP token faces a higher distrust after Hinman’s Emails. The ongoing SEC lawsuit further impacts the market currently surrounding XRP. For these reasons, XRP is unlikely to make huge gains until a verdict comes in its favor. XRP is also losing money as big whales start to disappear, and major transaction volume is diminishing.

So, a new weekly high automatically rules out of question. In addition, XRP may as well fall to a new low if it drops below $0.463.

VC Spectra (SPCT): An underdog dominating the market

VC Spectra is giving a new meaning to asset management in the blockchain. Employing venture capitalists and risk management teams, it is aiming high. VC Spectra (SPCT) provides an excellent solution to the world where asset management brokers exploit and take advantage.

Involving its investors using exclusive voting rights, VC Spectra ensures all blockchain proceedings are authorized by actual SPCT holders. Meanwhile, the VC Spectra fund is also helping investors grow their investments.

With early access to strategic investments in crypto ICOs and startups, VC Spectra further enhances investment opportunities for its users.

Additionally, VC Spectra (SPCT) has raised over $2.4 million in private presales. While Stage 1 of the public presale has already sold 70% of the available tokens, Stage 2 is just around the corner with a price hike of 37.5% from $0.008 to $0.011. 

Ultimately, the target launch price of $0.08 will mark a 900% surge from VC Spectra’s (SPCT) initial price. This makes VC Spectra (SPCT) far more profitable than BNB and XRP in the long run.

If you are interested in VC Spectra (SPCT), visit the links below and buy the presale.

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