Veax to soon deliver its testnet on NEAR

Considering the rather dismal and unfortunate circumstances regarding the complete breaking down of institutional stalwarts, Veax, on its part, is presently actively engaged in activities related to the deliverance of its testnet on NEAR. This is to take place very shortly. 

The DEX will be providing an entire array of finance-related functions. This will further include unique features, in terms of adaptable liquidity pools, along with true margin leveraged trading. This will be for the enabling of more effective capital positioning. 

As far as Veax is concerned, it happens to be a highly advanced and single-sided liquidity management DEX positioned conventionally on the NEAR blockchain. It also contains TradFi-boosted features. 

On the other hand, NEAR is a high-powered, sharded Proof-of-Stake, carbon-neutral blockchain. It has been duly created to provide the purpose of usability and upgradability. NEAR happens to possess the collective strength of PoS, as well as sharding through a technology known as Nightshade. This assists in providing the chain with further upgradability, yet not putting at risk any of the safety and security issues or even decentralization. 

It happens to be Roger Wattenhofer, who is a confirmed and much-respected computer science professor with ETH Zurich and who also happens to be the advisor for the project, who carried out academic research on the infrastructure of Veax. This gives the provision the platform to rearrange the conventional multi-fee level body, which is visible in other DEXs and provides adjustable liquidity pools. 

All of this, in turn, makes it possible for liquidity providers to make full use of capital positioning and increase returns in times to come. In other words, Veax is dedicated to scoring fresh avenues to enhance conventional finance usage and allocation methods.


According to the CEO of Veax, Mathias Lundoe Nielsen, it is the DeFi that will assist in the creation of the future economy of the blockchain. In his opinion, the plan is to address the issues of present time limitations and create avenues for further usage of financial resources.  

Roxanne Williams

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