VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain announce strategic partnership

VeChain and Vyvo Smart Chain have announced a partnership to boost the health and wellness of their users. Scores will be based on HIS – Health Index Score – and rewards in B3TR tokens will be rolled out based on a specific calculation. Users will only be required to remain active in health-related activities.

The incentive about incentivizing health and wellness will be integrated into the inPersona Pro App. It will utilize blockchain technology to reward users per their performance. The score reflected in the HIS will be converted into B3TR, and distribution will occur weekly. Allocation of tokens will be governed by proprietary criteria of VeChain and community voting in the ecosystem of VSC.

Scores on HIS can go as high as 100 points. There are three main categories for users to consider, namely Activity, Vitals, and Well-Being. Metrics are different for different categories. They contribute to the overall score of a user once their cumulative HIS has been generated. This is then divided by the number of B3TR tokens that are available in the pool. The number that comes out shows the value of B3TR.

For instance, if the user base has generated 200,000 HIS and there are 100,000 B3TR tokens for distribution that week – then every point of the Index will have a value of 0.5 B3TR.

Antonio Senatore, the Chief Technological Officer of VeChain, has called this concept Wellness-to-Earn while expressing excitement on everyone’s behalf. Antonio has further stated that it helps them to incentivize a healthier lifestyle while showcasing the real-life implications of blockchain technology and Web3.

Fabio Galdi, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of Vyvo Smart Chain, has called their partnership with VeChain a significant milestone, aligning with the mission to revolutionize health and wellness. Fabio is confident that the move will empower individuals to take control of their health as they continue to earn rewards for it.

VeChain has chosen Vyvo Smart Chain for the partnership as it comes with the experience of pioneering innovative solutions by leveraging blockchain technology. Moreover, it understands the intricacies of generating customer engagement and championing a healthier lifestyle by utilizing real-time data and incentivization mechanisms.

This development marks a continuation of VeChain’s efforts to facilitate blockchain technology with real-world applications. It boasts a robust infrastructure and blockchain ecosystem to ensure that the environment created is transparent and reliable.

Incentivizing wellness-related activities with a digital token has proved effective in the past. It only faces the limitation of scale at which the tokens are accepted on different platforms. B3TR could also encounter that resistance when new users consider getting on board. Existing users are more likely to be aware and support the initiative to the best of their capabilities.

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