VeChain becomes an official partner of Internazionali BNL d’Italia

VeChain recently announced becoming the official partner of the Internazionali BNL d’Italia. The network has entered a multi-year partnership deal with the tennis body.

According to the latest post by VeChain, it will play an important part in phygitalizing the IBI 2023 trophies. Set to run from May 8 to May 21 in Rome. This will be the first time trophies will be phygitalized in ATP history.

IBI is one of the biggest events in Italy, accruing an average of 500,000 attendees across the tournament. The event will create massive opportunities for VeChain to show its real-world uses. The winners will earn trophies embedded with the power of VeChainThor. The VeChain-powered NFTs will be introduced to worldwide businesses and users via real-world applications.

Phygital is a mixture of the words physical and digital. It refers to the process of providing digital identities to physical objects using NFT, NFC, and blockchain technologies. There are innumerable use cases for phygitals, and they are relevant for most industries.

For IBI 2023, the NFTs attached to the built-in NFC chip become the proof of ownership. It is immutably assigned to a winner, acting as the certificate of authenticity, removing any chances of fraud. With the act, VeChain is showing blockchain’s capability to deliver unmatched levels of data security.

Other than this, VeChain has also made it possible for attendees to win phygital prizes. Users can claim VeAce NFT from the designated landing page once the tournament starts on May 8. VeChain and its partners are helping the general public learn about real-life use cases that can radically modify society. Their collaboration with IBI is the latest example of this approach, showing how VeChain can help even the world of tennis using blockchain. 

Roxanne Williams

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