VeChain Creates New SaaS Products

The public blockchain-based solution provider, VeChain, has decided to lend a helping hand to China to reduce carbon emissions in the country by launching blockchain-oriented technologies. According to VET price predictions, these blockchain-oriented technologies of VeChain will help to digitalize the carbon data as a part of the 9th National Low-carbon Day of China. The government of China is striving hard to reach the goal of net-zero emission by the year 2060. 

The novel Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS Service of VeChain will help the Chinese government achieve the zero-emissions goal to reduce the country’s carbon footprint. The Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS Service is a robust tool that enables corporations of all scales to renovate their management practices of carbon footprint data. The tool seamlessly combines the business model of SaaS with decentralized ledger technology to work on the reduction of atmospheric pollution. The SaaS tool is going to make it mandatory for companies to comply with the innovative green protocols and submit emission data reports for pollution control checks. This data will be verified and authenticated by the Blockc4 technology tools of VeChain to ensure transparency of the whole process. The blockchain technology of VeChain operates with data quality assurance services and IoT technologies to ensure the authentic collection of carbon emission data from the participants in the supply chain. 


With the deployment of the Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS Service, enterprises will be able to prepare key data logs for integration with third-party assurance providers who operate within the blockchain-based partnership network of VeChain.This data will be put to use later on for the improvement of sustainability performance in organizations. The SaaS products of VeChain also provide opportunities to business organizations to enhance the transparency of protocol compliance and transform the method of carbon labeling. The SaaS service offers a scalable and comprehensive platform to enable accurate estimation, tracking, and reporting of carbon reduction initiatives throughout the supply value chain.

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