Vechain delivers Webe3-as-a-service platform VORJ

Vechain successfully delivers VORJ, which is a no-code Web3-as-a-Service platform. This will provide users with the opportunity to build, as well as position and connect with the smart contracts that are available on the VechainThor blockchain. This will be instrumental in doing away with the present process of blockchain development and opening the doors for bringing Web3 creation right to the hordes of builders who may or may not have the technical know-how.  

VORJ brings together Web2 user exposure with the capability of being able to build Web3 digital assets conveniently. In this case, VORJ manages the transaction costs through fees. The VechainThor blockchain is EVM adaptable, and it provides safe and reliable OpenZeppelin smart contracts, which are considered a benchmark for the concerned industry. At the present moment, the VORJ beta release makes provision for the building of fungible ERC-20 contracts and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ERC-721 contracts, which are on the front side of VORJ. On the other hand, the VORJ Application Programmable Interface (API) provides a varied choice of token standards.

VORJ can integrate with the present lot of projects smoothly. It also provides assistance for users to be able to build fresh ones. The contracts that VORJ has positioned can interact through EVM blockchains, making it highly beneficial for all connected users. The backend of VORJ supports an entire array of token standards like ERC-1155, ERC-4626, and UUPS, along with Vechain conventional standards like VIP-180 and VIP-210.

Over and above smart contracts, VORJ also provides blockchain data APIs and NFT APIs. There are also carbon APIs, as well as contract push notifications. There is the transaction executor and the contract deployer, which is used for positioning user-configured smart contracts on VechainThor.

In the near future, there will be further features put in place. In all, VORJ will be responsible for the mass acceptance of the VechainThor blockchain and will open the doors for users and businesses to come into the fold of the Web3 movement. Nearly all of the factors related to the new-age data framework will be improved upon by incorporating the trustless, clear, and more effective character of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

Vechain is the creator of VechainThor, a top smart contract platform globally that is pushing real-time acceptance of blockchain technology. It will now be actively engaged in creating digital ecosystems to encourage sustainability and digital transformation. The head office of Vechain is in San Marino, Europe.

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