VeChain eyes mass adoption with VeBetterDAO

VeChain aims to onboard over a billion users to blockchain technology. The aim aligns with the sustainability goals as drawn by the UN through the Sustainable Development Goals. A lot relies on the launch of VeBetterDAO. While not much has been said about it, the core team believes that the practice would have a long-term impact on users and less destruction.

Developers can participate in the ecosystem to leverage B3TR and incentivize action. Its ways to spend and use would eventually broaden as the ecosystem grows with time. Millions of users are expected to be rewarded in B3TR, appreciating their participation in making the world a better place.

Defined as a long-term play, VeBetterDAO essentially puts VeChain in the context of an ever-growing world.

The community has expressed its appreciation for the announcement. Many members said that they love what VeChain has been doping in recent times. Others have called it an ambitious goal since the target reflects more than 200% of Amazon users and over 50% of Instagram users. This means that many conglomerates and nation-states will have to enter the ecosystem by using VET or B3TR.

That said, VET has marked an uptick in its value since the official announcement. The token is currently exchanging hands at $0.05162, a surge of 8.04% in the last 24 hours. VeChain forecast estimates that VET will hit $0.1 by the end of this year, which is 2024. Alternatively, VET may end the year at $0.0776. Bullish trends will set the stage for a rise to $0.300 by the end of this decade in 2030.

However, VeChain will have to address a few concerns first. For example, members have highlighted that mass adoption could take another 8 years, something that was promised to them earlier. Also, some members have brought back the promise wherein it was said that global mass adoption would be achieved via enterprise partners. That has not happened, per members interacting on the official VeChain post.

As for VeBetterDAO, it is a new sustainability platform by VeChain that will interact with the community along with VOT3 and B3TR. The platform enables a cross-industry sustainability dApp ecosystem, driving adoption in Web3 through its X-2-Earn strategy. That represents Engage, Earn, and Prosper.

B3TR was previously announced to have the utility of swapping with VOT3, allowing users to join the VeBetterDAO voting community. The same can be done before Sunday at 23:59 GMT this week.

There is rising speculation that VeChain is targeting a trillion-dollar market opportunity. Studies factoring in SDG efforts suggest that achieving the goals outlined by the UN’s 2030 agenda can potentially generate $12 trillion in market opportunities.

VeChain has officially set a target of over a billion users in the blockchain ecosystem. The achievement of the goal relies on VeBetterDAO and the utility of B3TR in the future.

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