VeChain Price Analysis: VeChain (VET) Suffers From Blood Rush Due To The Market Pressure

VeChain price is currently tumbling. The market is also behaving in the same pattern. The coin was anticipated to pick up on the weekend, but the reality is contradictory. The current scenario may be unimpressive, but the future of VeChain holds great prosperity.

As per the latest VeChain news, VeChain would be bought back by the parent company. The same procedure will soon start, and by the end of 2019, a major part of VeChain would be held by the company itself. The company takes such buyback decision only when they have a high possibility of price rise in the future.

VET Price Comparison:

The price chart of VeChain is taken from TradingView on 07th July 2019, at 09:22:55 UTC.

VET Price Chart - 7 July 2019

The coin opened at $0.0085 during the first day of the third quarter. The first day of the coin registered a loss of 4.16%. The price changed the counters from $0.0085 to $0.0082. The downfall in Vechain price continued on the second day. The coin switched price from $0.0082 to $0.0078. The coin marked a regression of 3.88%. On 3rd July, the coin booked a slight hike in price as the price switched from $0.00785 to $0.00786. The hike was of 0.09%. On 4th July, the coin slipped from $0.0078 to $0.0071. The regression marked by 8.52%. 5th July was the day of recovery. The coin jumped from $0.0071 to $0.0076. The hike was of 6.90%. Yesterday, the coin again booked a regression of 0.48%. The coin changed from $0.00768 to $0.00764. Today, the coin escalated from $0.00764 to $0.00784 and booked a profit of 2.41%.

Current Statistics of VeChain Coin:

Particulars VeChain (VET)
Price (USD) $0.007491 USD
Rank 30
ROI -50.19%
24hr Volume $23,904,739 USD
Market Cap $415,416,010 USD
Circulating Supply 55,454,734,800 VET

VeChain Price Prediction and Conclusion:

According to VET Predictions, the coin has a high possibility of yielding a positive result in the coming time. The coin is expected to touch $0.009 by the end of July. The coin would be seen dealing beyond $0.009 by the end of 2019. The traders with long-term prospects should think about VeChain as the major part of the investment. However, we would recommend diverging the investment in cryptocurrencies to cut short the risk.

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