VeChain Price Analysis: When Is VET Going To Upsurge Above The Baseline?

It is time for VeChain to acquire some attention in the network. However, the trend might favor the investors soon, but the marketing by VET might need some new strategies to work upon. As per VeChain News, VET is popular among the short group and might need a little more supply support.

Let’s hope that VET becomes the center of discussion in the Cryptocurrency soon.

Current Statistics of VeChain:

The value of VET is seen trading at $0.004704 at 01:48 UTC on 20th August 2019. Speaking of other major contributions in VET chart, they are mentioned below:

  • Market Ranking: @32
  • Return of Investment: -69.29%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 86,712,634,466 VET/ 55,454,734,800 VET
  • 24 Hour Volume: 27,343,268 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 256,118,982 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.005306 USD / 0.004395 USD

VET to USD Price Comparison:

VeChain Price Prediction
VeChain Price Chart by TradingView

In the last one month, VET might not have been a real performer for the users. On 22nd July at 19:000 UTC, VET Price was trading above the baseline at $0.006448. The value then dropped by 19.36% on 1st August at 20:00 UTC with a value of $0.0052. The value slightly increased by 15.46% by 3rd August at 09:00 UTC with the trading value of $0.005992, which is as of now the highest touch down for the month of August.

The value then dropped by 26.78% by 15th August at 06:30 UCT time with the trading value of $0.004387. The value from then is increased by 7.79% as of now.

VET Price Prediction and Conclusion:

At this moment, VET is demonstrating a Bearish pattern, which means clients are encouraged to offer on the ‘Purchase’ side. Be that as it may, you should consider resistance support:

R3: 0.004924

R2: 0.004807

R1: 0.004742

Pivot Point: 0.004625

S1: 0.00456

S2: 0.004443

S3: 0.004378

However, be cautious and continue watching the pattern intently.

Until further notice, the dull air has encompassed the coin; however, the condition may change soon enough! Furthermore, starting at now, on the off chance that you are new to the VeChain pattern, you may either need to offer on ‘purchase’ or simply watch the pattern for some time. What’s more, with 2019 end, we may most likely observe the pattern of $0.01 most astounding touchdown.

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