VeChain Would Attend the Inaugural Launch of “The Capital” by CoinMarketCap

VeChain Foundation, a public blockchain platform, is planning to attend ‘The Capital’ to be held by CoinMarketCap on the 12th and 13th of this month in Singapore. The Capital is a global event that is being organized for the first time by CoinMarketCap. This inaugural event would be launched for various users, stakeholders, partners, and others interested in the growing field of cryptocurrency to provide a platform for discussion, to meet at different places annually, where the objective of the meet would not be determined by a single element but by the various representatives of the projects, leaders, investors, interested citizens, consumers, enthusiasts, etc.

VeChain is a company that started its operations in 2015 to act as a channel between the real and virtual/digital world, in other words, to connect blockchain technology with the real world. It attempts to do so by setting up a holistic structure of governance, IoT integration and providing a comprehensive economic model. “VeChain has evolved into a PoA based public blockchain platform with balanced governance and economic model.” It has also been a reliable supplier of off-the-shelf blockchain applications, commercial blockchain-as-a-service solutions, turnkey solutions, and has enabled other builders by strengthening the public blockchain infrastructure.

The CEO and Co-founder of VeChain, Sunny Lu, has been invited to the Capitol as a ‘keynote speaker,’ and he is expected to talk about his varied experiences about the use of blockchain technology in the real world. He would also provide his insights on the integration of VeChainThor’s enterprise into the Fortune500 enterprises of the world and the potential that it has in the world of blockchain and digital technology. CoinMarketCap also has an important role to play in this regard as its primary role is to provide information that would help to understand the market capitalization of various cryptocurrencies and the volume and magnitude of trade across different cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus VeChain and CoinMarketCap can work together to supply the resource and information to sustain and enable the digital ecosystem, which is also one of the major objectives of this event, as per Vechain News.

Different stakeholders in the field of blockchain, finance companies, government, technology firms would have an opportunity to meet and interact “and have global conversations on crypto-asset adoption, liquidity, and discovery.” Both companies share a common vision about the future of blockchain and how that technology would be adopted on a public scale and have therefore decided to launch a limited edition of artwork backed by the VeChain ToolChain. VeChain would also showcase business case studies of distributed ledger technology. This technology would be backed by the VeChainThor blockchain and has found its application across many industries, and thus participants would also get to see how blockchain-based applications were being implemented across different fields, including adoption in the Fortune 500 companies.

Roxanne Williams

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