VeChainThor Launches Vexchange V2

VeChain recently announced the launch of the functionality of Uniswap V2 as Vexchange V2, according to VeChain predictions. The upgrade from V1 to Vexchange V2 comes with a host of new improvements and features. Vexchange has been a part of the Blockchain industry for around two and a half years. At first, Vexchange had been a swap service forum called The successful operation of led to the launch of Vexchange to offer a full-fledged swapping service to the customers. Vexchange is the modified hard fork of Uniswap V1.

Vexchange V1 is powered by the proof-of-concept consensus mechanism to create a novel decentralized marketplace for the users. The Vexchange platform has received immense support from the blockchain community. The protocol of Vexchange serves as the forum for pooled and automated liquidity at VeChain and enables quick and convenient conversion of the VIP180 tokens. The platform of Vexchange V1 shall persist in its functioning along with the functioning of VeChain.

Vexchange V2 is the second version of Vexchange that is replete with unique features. It allows the direct pooling of any version of VIP180 token with other VIP180 tokens. The core contracts of Vexchange V2 deploy Wrapped VET instead of native VET, whereas the helper contracts permit the end users to deploy VET seamlessly. The launch of VIP180 token pools and the VIP180 token is beneficial for the liquidity providers of Vexchange V2. The liquidity providers can maintain a diverse variety of VIP180 tokens in denominated positions without getting exposed to VET. The direct deployment of VIP180 tokens or VIP180 token pairs is useful for the improvement in prices. The prices will improve by eliminating the fee and slippage of routing of token pairs through VET for swapping between assets. Vexchange V2 enables the adjustment of swap fees through governance.

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