VeganNation is Bringing the Global Vegan Community Together


As the world is moving towards social and environmental awareness, the number of vegans has grown significantly and the trend doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Demand for vegan food is on a stupendous rise, especially in the form of packed products. However, the biggest challenge which the vegans face is the authenticity and purity of the products for sale in the market. If the products don’t have truthful origins, the ethos of being a vegan can be jeopardized.

Presenting VeganNation, a global vegan community network cum marketplace, which is dedicated to add credibility to the supply chain of vegan food products. The start-up was launched in August 2019 by a bunch of vegan activities and environmentalists in Israel.

VeganNation uses blockchain technology to trace the origins of the products, a practice that is widely used by other sectors to testify goods on a regular basis. The primary motive behind the VeganNation is to ensure transparency in the supply chain and create an ecosystem for vegans all over the world, where they can find genuine vegan products.

How does it work?

VeganNation is creating a trading system based on blockchain technology, which uses smart contracts. This system makes it possible for a consumer to know exactly how the product was purchased, from where it was purchased and how the production was handled. Each step, right from production till the plate, is recorded in the form of an immutable record, which ensures that an ethical chain of supply is maintained.

As far as the ecosystem goes, the VeganNation works on a three-step platform:

A. Food Sharing:

This encourages the members of the Vegan community, which is estimated to be around 300 million worldwide to share their food with other vegans. The motive behind this concept of food sharing is to create a bond and a feeling of trust among the community members, as they can see for themselves that the food is home-cooked. At large, this shall become a decentralized restaurant for vegans, as those willing to share can do so by hosting members, or giving the option of takeaways.

B. Useful Content:

The website of VeganNation will have a dedicated section to provide its members information like vegan recipes, informative/educational articles, and other user-generated content. This will help the members to read inspiring stories from other vegans and access all the “vegan” information they need. Users can access all of these simply by creating a profile of the website.

C. E-Commerce:

VeganNation will integrate an online shopping portal on its website, which shall allow various vegan ecosystems across the globe to trade among themselves on the platform. Various factions of food supply chain, including consumers, small entrepreneurs, farmers, dieticians, nutritionists, etc. can be able to connect with each other and develop the global vegan community at large.

To facilitate the abovementioned working model, VeganNation has launched the VeganCoin, a utility altcoin dedicated to vegan community trade in the ecosystem. With the help of the VeganCoin, a decentralized ecosystem, surpassing national boundaries can be materialized, where people from various locations of the world can interact with each other, access services like custom diet & nutrition plans, products like preferred food baskets, etc. In-short, VeganCoin is a giant stride towards creating a premier and first of its kind entirely vegan economy.

Progress till Date

VeganNation, though still in its early days, has made significant progress since its inception in August last year and banking on its initial success, it is on the brink of becoming a global phenomenon. In August 2019, it was reported that VeganNation fruitfully completed a $10 million funding round. In fact, many celebrities, including footballers, actors, filmmakers, etc. have pledged their support for the initiative and one of the prominent names joining the advisory board is Jerome Flynn, from the famous “Game of Thrones” web series.

One of the major driving forces behind VeganNation is their dedication to protect the environment and this was made quite apparent in September last year. VeganNation purchased a mammoth 15,000 acres of Amazon rainforest simply to protect it from unethical exploitation and fires from cattle farmers.

Conclusion: Can Blockchain Help Veganism to Become a Household Phenomenon?

Veganism, for better or worse, still remains a common trend among the intellectual and elites, who are quite marginal numbers in the world population. Blockchain itself is technology merely a decade old and still is, more or less, in its developmental phase. Therefore, global success anytime soon is not something imaginable at the moment.

That said, the trend of veganism is catching up quite quickly and so is the case with blockchain as well. The amalgamation of blockchain with veganism can be a great benefit for both the fields, as users of both the concepts are relatively young with their hearts going for sustainable growth and development, which has the least amount of ill-effects on the environment.


VeganNation, in this regard, can be the next big thing in the world for a few major factors. First of all, it is formed by a group of people who genuinely feel for the environment and sustainable living, instead of capitalists and opportunists, who do things with the sole aim of profitability. When the effort is genuine, the results are bound to be holistic and organic. Secondly, the big names backing the vegan movement include the big shots like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Beyonce, etc. which plays a big role in motivating and inspiring others to join veganism.

So, to conclude, we can assuredly say that though the short term looks a big mountain, VeganNation has all the tools to reach a peak in the long run.

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