Veloce and Polygon join hands to deploy VEXT

Veloce Media Group has exciting news to share as it embarks on a promising partnership with Polygon Labs. The primary aim of this collaboration is to seamlessly integrate their native token, VEXT, into the world of blockchain technology. Mark your calendars for September 04, 2023, as this is when VEXT is set to make its debut, thanks to the efforts of Mike Blank and Rupert Svendsen-Cook. 

Notably, both Blank and Svendsen-Cook are slated to be in attendance at Korea Blockchain Week on that very date, where we can anticipate gaining deeper insights into the unfolding cooperative venture.

Korea Blockchain Week stands as a prestigious gathering that unites the industry’s foremost visionaries, innovators, and corporations. This event serves as an invaluable platform for fostering essential dialogues that will mold the future of the blockchain landscape. 

Widely recognized as one of Asia’s most influential blockchain events, this week-long conference promises to be a melting pot of global blockchain pioneers. Here, they will collectively explore the boundless potential of Web3 and examine its transformative impact on diverse industries and cultures.

For now, per the details available, it has been clarified that VEXT has achieved great results in the launch phase. It is coming loaded with multiple features and a roadmap that will accommodate game-changing utility. Veloce Media Group currently houses elements like creators, content, and leagues in the ecosystem. Moving forward, this could expand and change to meet the rising demands.

VEXT making a debut on Polygon is near a historic milestone. The token native to the Group enables its holder to participate in governance and drive utility to the best of its capabilities. Veloce, a digital racing media network, now only looks to make the best of what Polygon Protocol has to offer.

Veloce has chosen Polygon for the high level of architecture it brings to the table. This pertains to sporting efficiency, safe transactions, and instant execution of financial commands – simply another word for financial transactions. Polygon further has the brand image of making available a token on the top five crypto exchanges.

Circling back to the partnership between Veloce and Polygon, Rupert has called Polygon an ultimate blockchain architecture, adding that their association forms a formidable combination on the basis of utility and community engagement. The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Veloce has further highlighted that the partnership is important for building a decentralized sporting group and evolving the ecosystem as it attempts to transition to Web3.

Aishwary Gupta from Polygon Labs has said that they are thrilled to partner with Veloce, further stating that the ambition of Veloce for the future of gaming & sports is inspiring. The Head of Payments and Fintech at the company, along with the team, are now looking forward to a seamless integration of their Web3 community into the vibrant ecosystem of Polygon.

VEXT features a user experience that evolves with time in terms of voting & proposal. Also, it comes coupled with six gamified staking pools and games integrated into the platform. VEXT supports event access for token holders, privileged merchandise, and interoperability.

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