VenaPi Will Give 20 Tron (TRX) Tokens to New Users

VenaPi a cryptocurrency wallet has announced that it will be giving away TRON (TRX) for everyone. The cryptocurrency wallet is giving away the gift of 20 TRX tokens.

The cryptocurrency wallet tweeted that this move was facilitated to encourage more people to enter the TRON ecosystem.

VenaPi services DApp eco-constructors and customers. Head TRON DApps like HashDice supported VENA token among the DApps that were online. DApp is the scene which is most landscaped today, and VENA’s value reflected with DApp.

The VenaPi Team’s T-Bank Energy Bank project offers users the opportunity to get energy by paying certain quantities of TRX shopping. Direct deduction of the TRX balance is much more cost-effective than if the energy is insufficient. An alternative is offered to them by Energy Bank. The Energy Bank is a strongly involved star project.

The wallet developers also noted that Tronics can earn interest in TRX through the storage of their new wallet in the present-day market which, despite the bullish rise we have seen for several days, is again dominated by sellers.

More than 80 apps, including 60 games, five exchanges, 14 tools, and two news items, have been partnered by VenaPi. Some extensive intermodal projects are underway, and in conjunction with DApp projects, the VenaPi team worked hard to provide users with quality services.

A clear roadmap has been drawn up by Vena Network, and TRON is a key step. In particular, VenaPi’s volume amounts to 40 million, and the user number is growing. It is thought that VenaPi will be an in-depth attendant of many landing applications as the blockchain ecosystem develops.

Trevor Holman

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