Vendors of Microsoft Products Bags Massive $7.6 Billion Contract from the US Government

Over the years, tech companies and vendors have become some of the most powerful entities in the world due to the very nature of the services that they can provide. The sort of products that some of the biggest tech companies in the world have come up with are now not only used in households but by the biggest corporations and also by governments. While contracts from the private sector are generally quite big, the ones that are awarded by the United States government are the most lucrative and can create enormous value. In a new development, General Dynamics IT has bagged a huge $7.6 billion contract from the United States government.

The company is a subsidiary of the larger American defense and aerospace giant General Dynamics. However, something that needs to be pointed out in this regard is General Dynamics IT is a key vendor for tech giant Microsoft and are going to provide the Microsoft Office 365 software to the Pentagon as part of this contract. It is important to note that the contract that has been handed by the US Government is 8th in the list of the most lucrative cloud computing contracts. However, how cloud is taking over technology, it would not stay in that position for long. The contract has been awarded by the US Defence Department and General Services Administration, and the administration pointed out the services that are going to be provided. The formal name of the contract is the Defence Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS). The company would need to provide a range of services starting from calendar and e-mail to video-calling and other associated office solutions.

It goes without saying that for Microsoft, this is a significant deal and one that could propel it into the big time when it comes to government contracts. However, in addition to Microsoft, there were two other benefactors in the deal. One of them is the Minburn Technology Group, and the other is Dell Marketing LP. The Chief Information Officer of the Department of Defense, Dana Deasy spoke about the developments in a statement. She said,

DEOS is a great example of a fit-for-purpose cloud that supports our multi-cloud strategy. DEOS will streamline our use of cloud email and collaborative tools while enhancing cybersecurity and information sharing based on standardized needs and market offerings.

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