Venom Foundation ventures into Kenya via a Government partnership

Venom Foundation has announced that it has partnered with the government of Kenya, enabling the firm to venture its blockchain technology in the nation. The partnership is touted to help not just Kenya but other African nations as well.

Specifically speaking, Venom Foundation will now establish a hub of blockchain technology in Nairobi, Kenya. The aim is to keep the cutting-edge technology of blockchain intact and drive innovation across the continent. Needless to say, Venom Foundation will leverage the existing potential of blockchain technology.

Termed the Kenyan Blockchain Hub, the center will look to provide tools and resources to the nations of Africa. These will help them in building a robust foundation to transition to the digital world.

Blockchain has been in the news for a long time, followed by its adoption all over the world. A development like this comes out in support of blockchain technology. Thereby building a concrete path for other players in the industry to follow. It carries a set of benefits like enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency. Additionally, it establishes trust in the specific region – Kenya in this case.

Implementation of, or merely adopting, blockchain technology will allow Kenya to unlock the potential of the digital world and improve the lives of its community members.

Venom Foundation has launched Venom Africa already. It can be found on Twitter for more updates in this regard. Venom Foundation is an asynchronous blockchain that is working with the mission of having a connected future.

The development follows the announcement by Venom Foundation wherein it was announced that the testnet is live, enabling users to collect early member NFTs. Circling back to Venom Foundation entering the market of Kenya, community members have raised some questions that are likely to be addressed by Venom Kenya in the days to come.

For instance, a Twitter user who goes by the name Gibby has asked who will be handling the operational department along with marketing and management activities for the Kenyan division. They have further suggested that citizens and supporters should have equal access to participate in the ecosystem.

Makes sense to some extent; however, the participation could be limited to the members of the ecosystem only. A clear roadmap has not been shared, but it is expected that Venom Foundation in Kenya will work in collaboration with the government to further extend the benefits to the citizens through their involvement.

Venom was last seen recording a total of 370,632 wallets on the platform. A minimum of 141,540,009 transactions have been executed on its testnet. Users can seamlessly get started with Venom Foundation. All they have to do is install the wallet, acquire Venom tokens, and test decentralized applications to earn a piece of non-fungible tokens.

Products that the community can access at Venom Foundation are Wallet, Scan, Bridge, and Stake, among many others.

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