Venus Protocol Partners USM.World ($RACA)

The Venus Protocol, a decentralized financial algorithmic financial market framework on the BNB Chain, is pleased to announce its collaboration with (native coin: $RACA).

Mostly on BNB Chain, Venus Protocol is a decentralized loan platform that is quick and inexpensive. Venus is a money market system that enables creditors to earn income on their coins and borrowers to secure a loan utilizing $XVS and several other cryptocurrencies as security.

Radio Caca (RACA) garnered a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency market after unveiling a huge deal with singer French Montana. It was the cryptocurrency asset that BNB Chain acquired the most. Radio Caca (RACA) is likewise at the forefront regarding user adoption. RACA is the undisputed leader among all of the BNB Chain markets with over 13.7k users, more than double as many as the second-place marketplace, and more than thirteen times as many as BombCrypto customers.

The first real-time loan marketplaces for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and others are now available to users thanks to Venus Protocol. As one of the leading DeFi projects on the BNB Chain, Venus Protocol enjoys a solid reputation among its peers. The collaboration will elevate $RACA to the status of a leading decentralized lending system. They’ll highlight the Venus Protocol community in its 3-dimensional multiverse United States of Mars (USM).

XVS, the native currency of the Venus Protocol, made over 80% profits from $4.74 to $8.73 despite the bleak market environment. The increase, though, was not enduring. Users get to own land, erect businesses on their plots of land, and play or make various games in the 3-dimensional planetary universe known as the USM metaverse.

Each region is rich in elements to find where you may travel, meet people, generate revenue, and build a real metaverse, claims the company’s website. On the Multiverse system, users can design unique regions they can use as homes, characters, vehicles, and other objects they can embellish with the artwork.

Players can plan weddings, performances, and art shows thanks to their decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and the proceeds from these activities are distributed following community consensus. There’s also market liberty, which allows you to purchase anything you desire or monetize your ideas.

Even though USM started in a protracted, dull, bad market, it has since recorded tremendous expansion and accomplished new milestones. This growth is anticipated to affect the price of RACA positively. The Venus Protocol group plans to launch various projects in the DeFi industry, which will help $RACA in the long run.


The Venus Protocol partnership symbolizes the expansion and community-focused development of Collectively, they will create a brand-new virtual world interface with DeFi solutions and many other innovations that will benefit the whole cryptocurrency community. In USM, hundreds of individuals spend their days building homes, bathing, jogging, touring exhibitions and research facilities, or unwinding. To fully experience the metaverse, one must be a member of the USM family.

Trevor Holman

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