Verasity is Gearing to Launch Blockchain-powered Game Store

One of the key factors fuelling the growth of blockchain technology adoption is online gaming. The segment is a far cry from the financial technology domain where the blockchain started to manifest its utility substantially and then slowly and steadily spread its wings on to other sectors such as supply chain and distribution, education, record-keeping and so forth.

Verasity Initiative

In the online gaming industry, blockchain has carved a special place and now, to further lure gamers, Verasity has come up with a unique concept of the attention-based video platform. The platform will reward the visitors for spending their time and its unique ability to inform, educate, and entertain visitors.

The online platform will be powered by the blockchain technology and every minute spent on the platform will make you eligible to earn Verasity’s native VRA coins. These digital coins can be exchanged for other lucrative offers such as vouchers of famous companies like Amazon, McDonald, etc. This facility will make rewards even more attractive to visitors and encourage them to spend more time on the platform.

Grandeur Scale

To provide the best possible experience to online gamers, Verasity has collaborated with more than 550 publishers to integrate their games on its platform. This integration will result in hundreds of millions of gamers getting access to Verasity’s unique proposition of earning rewards. Once launched in Q1, the platform will be able to create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders and especially for online gamers; it will be really wonderful to earn while spending time on something that they are really passionate about.

Future Prospects

The year 2019 went great for Verasity as platform registered enormous growth in his popularity across segments. Especially, the popularity of the Verasity on Twitch deserves special mention as the platform registered impressive growth numbers among visitors on Twitch. Although it is not an easy job to handle challenges related to privacy and website monetization simultaneously, it seems Verasity has been able to walk the tightrope extremely well.

One of the main attractions of the upcoming launch of the platform will be its wide range of games, including the likes of arcade games, action games, card games, puzzle games, education games, and strategy games. Verasity is also going to include tournament features in the offering, which will allow players to set up a tournament and compete against other players globally to win rewards and VRA tokens.

The game publishers will be able to configure the rewards and loyalty programs to enhance their popularity among players. The new destination site of the Verasity will be released in Q1 and data related to important aspects of games, players, etc., will be available in the public domain. This will not only help to improve transparency but also provide a chance to witness the growth of VRA tokens in the real world scenario. The new platform will also help to develop a holistic gaming ecosystem as Verasity is committed to encouraging new game developers to develop games on its platform and then upload these games on the Verasity’s games store.


The idea of rewarding the visitors for spending their time on the platform is sure to find favor with the online gamers. Verasity is moving in the right direction and if the positive momentum that the company has been able to achieve in 2019 is anything to go by, we expect a stupendous growth of Verasity in this calendar year 2020 too.

Trevor Holman

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